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A combination of these two ingredients will ensure you ‘gain healthy weight’

"Who shouldn't have this combination: Those who cannot digest ghee or have high diabetes," stressed Dr Dixa Bhavsar

weight gainGhee and jaggery together can help you in gaining weight (Source: Getty Images)

Many of us strive hard to lose weight, which is definitely not easy. But gaining weight is no cakewalk either. And those on a weight gain journey need to ensure that all the kilos gained are healthy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 18.5 to 24.9, it falls within the normal or healthy weight range. Anything less or more than this range falls into the underweight or obese range, respectively.

As such, Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya, an Ayurveda expert, took to Instagram to share a “super-easy and effective weight gain recipe”. “Want to gain a healthy weight? All you need is ghee and jaggery,” she captioned the post.

Recipe: Mix 1 teaspoon of desi/chemical-free jaggery (4-5 gm) with 1 teaspoon of desi cow ghee (5 ml).

She added that “for weight gain and debility, jaggery should be had with equal quantity of ghee (it’ll provide you instant energy).” The expert also suggested that one can double the quantity once they get habitual in consuming it.

This combination comes with many health benefits (Source: Getty Images)

“Only after constantly and comfortably consuming it for a month, you can switch to buffalo ghee (for people who usually don’t eat buffalo ghee daily),” she wrote, adding that people with good metabolism or those “who have been consuming buffalo ghee for a long time, can begin with buffalo ghee.”

But, she cautioned those who cannot digest ghee or have diabetes to not try this combination. “The best way of consuming it is with meals or post meals,” she added.


Agreed Karishma Shah, a nutritionist and holistic life coach, and said, “Ghee and jaggery, taken in small quantities every day post meals, do not cause any weight gain. In fact, the combination helps detoxify the body because of their properties.”

Calling it a “magical combination”, she told that as per Ayurveda, this combination “will help detoxify the body, keep your skin, nails, and hair healthy”. She further said that ghee and jaggery together can satisfy sugar cravings and uplift mood. “It can also cure anaemia which occurs due to iron deficiency,” she said.

Benefits of ghee

Explaining that ghee is different from other weight gainers, she wrote, “Ghee helps with healthy weight gain as it does not just increase fat in the body but also in the muscles when consumed with jaggery, while also following a healthy routine.”


Other benefits, as listed by her, are: “improves digestion, nourishes your tissues, strengthens muscles, improves voice, memory, hair, skin, fertility, immunity, intelligence and more.”

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She added that as ghee is “sweet and cool”, it also “alleviates vata and pitta”.

Suggesting the type of ghee to be used, she recommended people with good metabolism to use buffalo ghee while those with poor metabolism can consume desi cow ghee as it is easier to digest.

Benefits of jaggery

Calling jaggery “a healthy sweetener”, Dr Savaliya wrote, “It is sweet in taste and balances vata and pitta. It also improves immunity, keep sweet cravings at bay, cools you down when it is consumed with cold water or made as a cold drink.”


“It can also help in respiratory issues (cold/cough) when had with dry ginger and black pepper,” she added.

She added that Ayurveda suggests “consuming one-year-old jaggery for health purposes (especially for heart health).”

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First published on: 31-08-2022 at 17:00 IST
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