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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Want to know if you can eat eggshells? Find out here

Half an eggshell can meet an adult person's daily calcium requirements.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 4, 2019 9:43:06 am
eggshells, benefits, indian express, indian express news When we think of eggs, we only think of the soft edible bit inside, never the hard outer covering. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

It might not sound palatable to you, and you might even want to wriggle your way out of this one. But, allow us to at least try to egg you on (pun intended).

When we think of eggs, we only think of the soft edible bit inside, never the hard outer covering. The eggshells are usually reserved for the bin, after they have been cracked open. But, what if we told you that consuming them could actually benefit you? Would you be willing to give it a try? Here are some advantages of eating the shells.

What does the shell consist of? 

The hard outer covering of the egg comprises calcium carbonate, proteins and other minerals. According to Healthline, eggshells are roughly 40 per cent calcium, with each gram providing 381–401 mg. An NCBI report states that and half an eggshell can meet an adult person’s daily calcium requirements.

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Calcium supplement and bone health 

Calcium carbonate — the most common form of calcium — is essentially found in seashells, coral reefs and limestone, besides eggshells, of course. It is a widely known fact that calcium builds and keeps bones safe. So, eggshells, in powder form, could be consumed as an effective calcium supplement. Additionally, the shells are also great sources of magnesium, fluoride and other minerals.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis

osteoporosis, bone health, eggs, indian express, indian express news A calcium-deficient diet, owing to inadequate intake over time, may lead to osteoporosis. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

A heath condition that weakens the bones, osteoporosis affects millions worldwide. A calcium-deficient diet, owing to inadequate intake over time, may lead to this condition which is usually associated with old age. You can take necessary actions to keep osteoporosis at bay. By consuming eggshell powder, you are not only reducing the risk of the disease, but also strengthening your bones and adding to their density. In fact, it is believed that eggshell powder may be more effective than purified calcium carbonate.

Joint health

For an improved joint health, you can consume the egg membrane, which is between the shell and the actual egg, especially visible when you peel open a boiled egg. If you decide to consume the shell in its powder form, do not remove the membrane. Studies conducted in the past have shown that membrane consumption can significantly improve the health of joints.

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How to eat them

Keep in mind that you must not swallow large chunks of the eggshell, as they may choke and/or injure you. It is advisable to grind them into powder before consumption. Goes without saying, you must boil the egg first. You can add the powder to food, or consume it with juice or water. Do not consume in copious quantities as this could affect the kidneys. Consult with a professional first.

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