This woman is absolutely happy after gaining weight and is motivating women to love their body

'After two babies she got to a size 10. Instead of being in awe of what her body did, she deprived it and shamed it for not looking like other women.'

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 30, 2016 6:57:36 pm
 body shaming, body shaming on Internet, boby shaming bullying on internet, inspiring women on internet, women and body shaming, women facing body shaming on internet, weight loss, weight management This woman’s transformation is inspiring to say the least. (Source: Instagram)

While there is no dearth of weight loss and management tips on the Internet, umpteen books have been written on how to lose weight, there’s this one woman, who’s not fretting about getting that coveted, slim figure. It’s quite the contrary.

Allison Kimmey, a mother of two from Florida, fought a long battle with body issues and found real happiness only when she began embracing her body in all its beauty and with all its flaws.

In one of her inspiring posts on Instagram, Kimmey says she detests post-body transformation posts “because I feel that before and after photos only breed an extremely unhealthy mindset to never being good enough.” But she posted one on the photo-sharing platform, one that shows her gaining weight over the years. “In fact it’s actually a depiction of the greatest transformation a person could see, true self love and fulfillment,” she writes.


The text of her inspiring post goes like this.

That girl that thought she would feel so much more confident as a size 4, she wasn’t. She picked out every single flaw, constantly second (and third) guessing herself. And then she ate her feelings of not being good enough. After two babies she got to a size 10. Instead of being in awe of what her body did, she deprived it and shamed it for not looking like other women. But that woman, that size 16 glorious, confident woman. She figured it out. She went to the source- her mind. And she rewired those dysmorphic thoughts into beautiful, accepting thoughts. And now she can cater to her body however she FEELS like without shame or consequenceand that is BLISS. 

Kimmey is fast becoming an inspiration for women all around, who are fighting battles of body shaming and related issues. Her #TransformationTuesday posts obviously stands apart from the rest on the Internet, showing a chubbier, rather glowing Kimmey transforming from a slimmer and more cautious one.

And, just in case if you thought fat girls don’t work out, Kimmey has the answer for you.

Kimmey —who calls herself a body love advocate, curvy fitness expert and girl power guru — realises how important it is to love your body, and through social media, she is now moving other women to do the same as well. Kudos to you, girl!

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