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Simple exercises to strenghten your lower back

In case you are looking for ways to strengthen your lower back, here are some exercises you can do at home.

Celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala showing how to do shoulder bridge. (File Photo)

The constant rush to lose weight has become all-pervasive. Everyone wants to lose weight and wants to do it quickly. But in all of this, one tends to forget that to be fit is more important than losing weight. Just how controlling your diet can go a long way in helping you achieve the weight you want, daily exercise at home can also help you remain fit.

And in case you are looking for ways to strengthen your lower back, here are some exercises you can do.


Bridges is excellent in strengthening your lower back. To do this, lie on your back and keep your arms by the sides. With the help of your arms, raise the lower part of your body and see to it that it is in a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Hold this for some time then resume your original position. Repeat this for about 15 times in a minute.

Lateral leg lifts while lying down

This does not require much effort and is effective. In order to do this, lie on your back and keep both the legs together. Now, exerting force on one side, raise the top leg and hold it in that position for some time. Turn on the other side and repeat this with the other leg.

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Knee-to-chest stretches

In case you are suffering from back pain, this can be very effective to lessen it. Doing this is very easy. Lie on your back, keeping feet flat on the floor bend your knees. Now, pull one knee towards your chest with your hands and hold that for like five to seven seconds. Repeat this with another leg after going back to the original position.

Lower back rotational stretches while sitting

If you have a busy day at work and do not find time for exercise, this one is for you. To do this, first, sit on a chair and then twist the waist without moving the hip and spine. You can keep your hands behind your head to support it. Hold this for like 10 seconds and then repeat this on the other side.



First published on: 15-09-2019 at 17:13 IST
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