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What is the correct way to drink water? An Ayurvedic expert explains

From when to how much, Dr Dixa Bhavsar explains everything about the right way to drink water.

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We all drink water to keep ourselves hydrated and maintain good health. But did you know that there is a certain way you should be drinking water for optimum health benefits? Surprised? Here’s ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar explaining some common aspects about drinking water that many of us may not know about but are necessary for good health.

Take a look at her post below:

When is the best time to drink water?

*Whenever you are thirsty. “Ayurveda hasn’t mentioned drinking water first thing in the morning. But since you haven’t eaten anything for 7-8 hours, it’s a good idea to drink lukewarm water in the morning, but only if you feel thirsty,” mentioned Bhavsar.

body positivity, body positive image, health, water diet, fasting, study, research, indian express, indian express news Ensure you are drinking water. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

How should you be drinking water?

While sitting. “Avoid drinking water while standing as it can have an adverse effect on your kidneys, and can even lead to arthritis. Sitting while drinking water allows your body to better filter the nutrients and direct the water to areas that need nourishing, rather than going directly into your stomach with a force, as it does when standing. Also, we typically drink water a lot faster while standing, which brings your nerves into a state of tension,” she explained.

What is the best way to drink water?

Instead of gulping a glass of water, enjoy it by drinking sip-by-sip.

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What temperature water is best for you?

Either room temperature or tepid (lukewarm) water. “Please avoid icy cold water,” she mentioned.

How much water to drink?


“I was also under the impression that we need to drink plenty of water for better skin, immunity, and digestion. But that’s not correct. If you drink a lot of water, you might feel bloated. Also, it could dampen your digestive fire and increase kapha dosha. So, water is important and you need to drink enough but not more. Try to listen to your body. You’ll know when your body needs water and when it needs food. Just needs a little bit of practice and you’ll ace listening to your body and feeding it accordingly,” mentioned Bhavsar.

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