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Orchids clinic launches Breast Health mobile app

The app also enables women to order chemotherapy medicines through the app and also get them home delivered.

The Orchids Breast Health Clinic has recently launched a Breast Health mobile application for women. Although there have been several other breast cancer apps in the market, the clinic claims this app to be more comprehensive and up to date. Speaking about the app, Laleh Busheri, CEO of Orchids Breast Health Clinic, said, “There has been a serious lack of awareness about breast cancer and this has lead women to believe in the misguided truths surrounding breast cancer. Hence in a bid to bust some of these myths, we have come up with this unique app that allows women to examine themselves, to differentiate between cancerous and non-cancerous lesions in the early stages and also inform them about various treatment options available in the market which are the gold standard.”

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As opposed to the western counterparts, 50 per cent women affected by breast cancer in India are diagnosed in the terminal stages. “There is an urgent need to educate women on the correct method of self examination which is the single-most crucial method of cancer prevention,” added Busheri.

Breast cancer is becoming glaringly common and is the most prevalent cancer in the urban population and second most in the rural population. “One in every 22 woman develops a lifetime risk of contracting breast cancer in India.

Over 32 lakh women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, with 1 lakh fresh cases occurring each year. The burden of breast cancer is increasing rapidly and the mortality rate due to breast cancer is among the highest in India. I believe this app will be very useful to all women as it consists of several informative videos, dietary information regarding prevention and treatment of cancer and facts regarding adjuvant therapies like chemotherapy and radiotherapy,” explained Dr Koppikar, cancer care surgeon at the Orchids Breast Health Clinic.


The app also enables women to order chemotherapy medicines through the app and also get them home delivered.

Breast Health app is available in both android and iOS applications.