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Obama backs FDA decision on morning-after pills

"I'm comfortable with it," Obama said,when asked about the decision on morning-after pills.

Backing the FDA decision to prohibit sale of morning-after pills to girls under 15 without a prescription,US President Barack Obama has supported move of a federal agency to challenge a court’s order ruling availability of the pills for girls of all age groups.

“I’m comfortable with it,” Obama said,when asked about the decision of Federal Drug Administration (FDA) on morning-after pills,which will prohibit girls under 15 from buying them without a prescription.

Despite a court order to make it available to women of any age,the US drug regulator has lowered the age to 15 for buying morning-after pill without a prescription.

Obama said he is very supportive of contraception because he thinks it is very important that women have control over their healthcare choices,and when they are starting a family.


“That’s their decision to make,and so we want to make sure that they have access to contraception. We had a little bit of a fuss around what we’re doing with the affordable care act,but I very much think that that’s the right thing to do,” he said.

Under the current ruling,FDA has allowed these contraceptive pills to be sold over the counter for 15-year-olds and older.

“It has not resolved the question of girls younger than 15,” Obama said.

“There was a court case that came up that is being appealed by the Justice Department. That is a Justice Department decision,” he said.