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A nutritionist shares dos and don’ts to keep hunger pangs away

Time to say goodbye to empty calories with these healthy food swaps!

hunger pangsHere's what you should and should not have to keep hunger pangs away. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Many of us struggle with hunger pangs, and in the futile search for options, end up consuming empty calories that don’t really keep us satiated for long. But instead of reaching out for that packet of chips or a fried snack, it is time to make some simple lifestyle tweaks that can come in handy.

Here’s what nutritionist Mansi Padechia shared in an Instagram Reel. According to her, there are certain items one should avoid when hunger pangs hit.

What to avoid

Maggi and noodles
Biscuits and wafers
Juices, and sugar-filled protein bars

So, what can you have?

Instead, try: apple with peanut butter

According to Padechia, the combination of an apple with some peanut butter helps keep one fuller for longer.

Six almonds + 3 dates

When you have sugar cravings, reach out for humble nuts instead of a bar of chocolate.

According to Padechia, another option is roasted chana with poha.


She said the combination is filled with proteins and carbohydrates that keep you fuller for longer, and don’t let the blood sugar spike.

Follow these tips for when hunger pangs strike!

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First published on: 29-07-2021 at 17:30 IST
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