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Panjeeri made with desi ghee is good for new mothers; here’s why

Panjeeri can be had immediately and can also be stored for many days.

panjeeri, what is panjeeri, panjeeri recipe, panjeeri for new mothers, nutrition for new mothers, indianexpress.com, indianexpress,Make sure you have panjeeri to regain your strength post delivery. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Panjeeri – a mix of ghee and dry fruits – is considered to be extremely healthy for new mothers looking to build immunity post-delivery, said nutritionist Lovneet Batra in an Instagram post. “Panjeeri is a highly nutritious, super delicious snack and post pregnancy body healer par excellence for new mums. It has the goodness of ghee, dry fruits, safe sugar from jaggery, flour, poppy seeds – all strength-giving, healing foods for the post-pregnancy body. Indian traditions extol the virtues of panjeeri. It should be eaten right after giving birth to replenish the energy needed to kickstart the healing process,” she added.

Here are some of the benefits she suggested.

*The ingredients used in panjeeri can help new mothers regain strength and also provides them with nutrients, which are essential to breastfeeding.

*Panjeeri helps with the flow of breast milk and removes excess fluid from the uterus, helping it go back to its normal size.

*It is a great immunity booster, and helps to quickly replenish the lost immunity by including all the nutrients necessary to fight common infections that one gets more vulnerable to owing to childbirth.

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Here’s a recipe from Batra’s mother that she shared.


1 cup – Homemade ghee
1½ cup – Atta or wheat
4 cups – Almonds, coconut, cashew nuts, pistachios and a mix of sesame, pumpkin, magaj and flax seeds and muesli, crushed
1 tbsp – Gond, crushed
1 tbsp – Fox nuts
2 tbsp – Poppy seeds
½ tsp – Kamarkas
1 cup – Jaggery powder



*Roast the atta in ghee and then add crushed gond crystals.
*After 2 minutes, dry stir in roasted foxnuts, poppy seeds, kamarkas, muesli, and cook for another two minutes.
*Put the gas on simmer and mix all dry fruits with jaggery powder.
*Switch off the gas and let it cool down before consuming or storing.

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How to have it?

Panjeeri can be had immediately and can also be stored for many days.

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First published on: 17-09-2020 at 10:50 IST
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