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Include these 5 foods in your diet to relieve constipation naturally

"One in five Indians suffer from constipation," nutritionist Lovneet Batra wrote on Instagram

gut healthConsuming junk food regularly can cause leaky gut (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Good gut health is extremely important for overall well-being. And an indicator of the same is not suffering from any digestive issues like constipation. But even if you do, worry not, and include certain natural foods in your diet for relief. Natural foods can play a huge role in improving gut health and ensuring you stay disease-free in the long run.

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra took to Instagram to list a few such foods that can help relieve constipation.

“One in five Indians suffer from constipation. It is not only a cause for discomfort throughout the day but also the root cause of several chronic diseases,” said Batra.

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According to Batra, here are some foods that can help


Fresh prune and dried prune on wooden board background (Source- Freepik/dashu83)

Prunes are a traditional go-to for constipation relief. Prunes also contain sorbitol, a type of sugar alcohol that your body poorly digests. It helps alleviate constipation by drawing water into the intestines and spurring a bowel movement.

Vegetable juice

Having a tall glass of vegetable juice made out of your favourite veggies, mid-morning or mid-evening during snack time is really good for constipation. You can make a refreshing juice by combining spinach + tomato + beetroot + lime juice + ginger.



Triphala is a wonder herb. It has three important herbs, namely amalaki (amla), haritaki (harad) and bibhitaki (baheda), all of which are known to help relieve constipation. Have half a teaspoon in a cup of warm milk/warm water before bedtime.


Oats are rich in beta-glucans, a soluble fibre with probiotic functions. It also helps to feed the good bacteria in the gut, which helps to regulate intestinal flora and maintain normal intestinal function.


Ghee in diet can help in creates lubrication which pacifies the stiffness of bowel formation.(Source- Freepik/KamranAydinov)

The ghee butyrate content can work as an antidote for constipation. The oily texture of ghee works as lubricating oil and pacifies the stiffness of bowel formation. Ghee in the diet helps make bowel movements regular and easier.

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First published on: 13-07-2022 at 06:20:53 pm
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