Month of birth governs your longevity,health

Month of birth governs your longevity,health

A child’s likelihood of being asthmatic or autistic is linked the mother’s exposure to Sun while she is pregnant.

A new study has suggested that a child’s likelihood of being asthmatic,autistic,schizophrenic or having MS is linked the mother’s exposure to the Sun while she is pregnant.

According to scientists,the month in which babies are born could affect everything from intelligence to length of life. Spring babies are at greater risk of a host of ills,including asthma,autism,schizophrenia,multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease than those born in summers.

A study found that those born in between April and June typically had slightly shorter lives than those born in October,November and December. Similar studies in the U.S. showed that those born in autumn lived about 160 days longer than those born in spring.

Scientists are of the opinion that these differences often depend on how much sunlight the mother has got while carrying the child in womb,reports the Daily Mail.


Lack of sunlight may have long-lasting effects on mental and physical health of the child in early months,as it is the sunlight only that triggers the production of vitamin D in its body.

Further evidence of the importance of sunshine has come from the finding that the risk of illness tends to be the highest between March and May for those born in the northern hemisphere. However,for Antipodean births,the pattern is reversed.