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Mira Rajput consumes this wonder ingredient for her skin: ‘No makeup, no skincare, just drinking…’

"If you do this for seven days, all the toxins get accumulated in the digestive system..." said Dr Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic expert

Mira Rajput, Mira Rajput news, Mira Rajput skincare, Mira Rajput drinking ghee, Mira Rajput Ayurvedic skincare, Mira Rajput detox, skin detox, indian express newsWhat makes Mira Rajput's skin glow? (Photo: Instagram/@mira.kapoor)

Mira Rajput is a fitness and skincare enthusiast who likes to keep things natural and chemical-free.

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Her social media account is filled with information about skin health, and in one of her recent Instagram stories, the mother-of-two put the spotlight on an Ayurvedic practice that includes drinking ghee, called ‘Snehapana’.

Take a look at her post here.

Photo: Instagram/@mira.kapoor

Mira shared a selfie and wrote, “No filter. No makeup. No skincare. Just drinking ghee.”

She explained that the purpose of “drinking medicated ghee or Snehapana is internal oleation”. “Ghee is closest in structure to our body lipids and works best to dislodge ama (toxins), carry them out to be eliminated and nourish the cells of the body.”

She added that one has to drink “progressively increasing amounts of ghee till it saturates [their] body” and then comes out through the pores on their skin.

Dr Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic expert, agreed with this and told indianexpress.com that ‘Snehapana’ is something to be done before an elimination or detox therapy. “It means we consume ghee in definite quantities for 7-15 days. Snehapana means to consume different kinds of sneh or fat. Mostly, it is ghee, but sometimes it is also castor oil,” she explained.

According to her, it depends on the digestive system of a person. “For some, they can start with 20 ml of ghee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Every day, they increase it. For example, if they have 20 ml of ghee today, they can drink 30 ml tomorrow, then 40 ml the next day, until they reach a level of saturation.”


The expert added that while doing Snehapana, one does not eat or drink anything except for plain water, and in the evening, they can have light food like khichdi — but nothing that is deep fried, or made with a lot of spices.

“If you do this for 7 days, all the toxins get accumulated in the digestive system, and then on the last day, you can expel them using medication.”

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First published on: 01-06-2022 at 15:50 IST
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