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Ayurveda lifestyle tips: Mira Kapoor shares the dos and don’ts

Mira Kapoor shares some essential ayurvedic tips that she swears by

mira kapoor

Mira Kapoor swears by Ayurveda as a way of life, and often shares its many principles that one can follow for holistic living. As such, she recently shared the dos and don’ts that Ayurveda suggests for a healthy lifestyle on her YouTube channel.

Take a look.

According to Mira, here’s what one needs to keep in mind.


Find your constitution

According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in doshas, or one’s bodily constitution, can lead to certain health issues. Mira has previously mentioned that Ayurveda is the science of life, and a “way of life” for her.

“It’s not just amla, neem and ashwagandha or churans, rasas and lepas; it is prakriti (individual constitution you were born with), vikruti (current state of balance or disbalance), our journey through different stages of life bala, madhya and jirna, and ritu (season). It is the process of “knowing thyself” and the continuous evolution of the self. Ayurveda is the ultimate exercise of self-realisation,” she had said.

Have warm meals

Mira has previously also taken to social media to share how “a warm breakfast” helps to kickstart one’s digestion and nourish the spleen.

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Tweak your routine according to the season


The practice of seasonal eating is integral to Ayurveda and is known as the Ritucharya (seasonal regimen) diet. According to Ayurveda, the year is divided into two periods — Uttarayana (northern solstice) and Dakshinayana (southern solstice), each formed of three ‘ritus’ or seasons. Our body is believed to be a combination of vata (ruled by air and space), pitta (ruled by fire and water) and kapha (ruled by water and earth). Each of the seasons pacifies or ignites the above-mentioned energies, so it is important to ensure the body maintains its balance with diet and activity tweaks.


Sleep late

Mira stresses on sleeping early and following a set pattern to help the body relax and be attuned to nature.

Eat raw foods

Mira has always highlighted the benefits of eating warm foods.

Mix incompatible food groups


Incompatible food groups can increase toxins or ama in the body which can increase risk of diseases.

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First published on: 15-06-2022 at 07:00:29 pm
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