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‘Let’s Talk Awkward’ : A student’s effort to break wall of awkward silence on periods

'Instead of asking your daughters to keep quiet, educate your sons about this natural process.'

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In a unique initiative, a 20-year old college student from Ludhiana in his awareness drive titled ‘Let’s Talk Awkward’ has started talking about menstruation and issues related to it.

Karan Luthra, a graduation student from SCD Government College Ludhiana is telling girls not to keep quiet about periods and asking parents to educate their sons about it.

“Periods, ssshhhhh (keep quiet), hawwww, this is how we react hearing this word. I know half of the audience will switch off this video hearing the word periods. But girls, please chill. We know there is something called periods and it is absolutely normal. Stop being embarrassed about it,” says Luthra is his video awareness message which is going viral on social media especially among youths. Luthra in his video also tells parents that ‘instead of asking their girls to keep quiet even if in pain and not to discuss about periods with anyone, they should educate their sons about this natural process’.

Watch the video here.

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He also tells the boys not to make fun of girls if they a spot a stain on their uniforms in school. “Girls, it is only you who can bear this every month. You all are special and so are your bodies. So don’t keep quiet instead discuss about how periods can be managed efficiently. Parents, please educate your boys instead of snubbing your girls on this topic. And boys, think twice before making fun of any girl. Think that you too have sisters and mothers. Boys should in fact be taught to be more affectionate towards women in their life during periods,” says Luthra in the video.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Luthra said, “There is a wall of awkward silence when it comes to topics like periods and sex between parents and children is what I observed. So I started making videos on those awkward topics like periods, sex, sexual abuse, mental illness among others. The more we will talk about it, the easier it will become to discuss them commonly.”

“Before making video on periods, I spoke to my sister and close female friends. It was for first time that my mother, relatives and aunts discussed openly about periods after my video was released. I also got a call from my friend’s mother who thanked me for addressing this issue,” he said.

First published on: 20-03-2017 at 02:13:41 pm
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