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Itchy all over? Remember when not to scratch

Scratching may feel immensely satisfying, but there are always some alternatives available.

itchy skin,, scratching, indian express news Some itches better not be scratched, lest they worsen the skin condition. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

There are reasons too many why our skin feels itchy, especially in winters. But, one should always exercise restraint, even if the urge to scratch is strong. Sometimes, the scratching aggravates the condition. And, if you are wondering whether you can quickly graze your nails over the affected area, here is what you need to know.

Dry skin

An accompaniment of the weather, dry skin mostly hits in the winter months. It causes the skin to turn flaky in the absence of sweat and moisture. As such, it often feels itchy. But, experts say that dry skin should be moisturised and not scratched, because it can cause more problems for the skin’s surface layer. Cracks and openings can lead to infections. It is advisable to bathe in lukewarm and not piping hot water, so as to keep the moisture in.

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Insect bites

After that pesky mosquito bites you, the body detects it and releases histamines — chemical compounds involved in the inflammatory response — which cause itching. The key is to not scratch, because it can lead to more inflammation. Using a cold compress on the area may suppress the urge to itch.


Let’s just say that when a part of the skin is superficially burnt, scratching over it can cause it to break. It could slow the healing process and cause more itching. Keep the skin cool by using gentle products like aloe vera gel on it.


Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin that causes it to become patchy, red, itchy, cracked, inflamed and rough. This condition happens when the skin barrier does not work properly. So, the more you scratch, the itchier the skin gets, leading to more redness and painful bumps. There are some dietary foods that can help you. Additionally, creams and medicinal lotions can also soothe the skin. Check with your doctor.

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The white snowy flakes can cause much embarrassment. But, it is the itch that can drive you mad and aggravate the condition. Instead of running your hands through your hair and picking on the scalp, try using an anti-dandruff product recommended by your dermatologist.

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