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Monday, March 08, 2021

Is salt making you sick? Here are the facts

Excess and uninformed intake of salt could be harming your body. Find out how.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi |
September 18, 2019 5:20:56 pm
salt, salt intake, sodium, risk of consuming salts, indian express, indian express news While we cannot imagine foods without salt, it should be known that salt is more than capable of making you sick (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Excess of anything is bad for the body and can prove to be counterproductive in ways you couldn’t imagine. And while we cannot picture our meals without salt, the seemingly innocuous ingredient is more than capable of making you sick. Here’s how.

Salt and hypertension

Salt and hypertension (high blood pressure) cannot be friends. If you suffer from hypertension, then perhaps it would be a good idea to cut down on sodium. Studies have shown that sodium leads to a slight surge in blood pressure in people who do not otherwise suffer from related ailments. And for people who do, there’s a larger spike which could prove to be deadly.

Effect on kidneys

The kidneys are responsible for flushing out extra and unwanted fluids from the body. Salt consumption, and that too in excess, reduces the ability of the kidneys to remove water. This leads to an overall strain on blood vessels leading to the kidneys. This can potentially lead to kidney-related diseases.

kidney health, salt and kidney, kidney diseases, healthy kidney, indian express, indian express news Salt consumption, and that too in excess, reduces the ability of the kidneys to remove the excess water from the body. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Beware when eating out

Restaurants around the world are known to pack in as much salt in a single meal as you are supposed to be consuming in a day! Next time, think before you dig in.

Sleep pattern

Salt can cause frequent trips at night to the bathroom, especially for men. By reducing salt intake, you could reduce the number of times you get up to urinate at night.

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Weight gain

Studies have shown that people with high salt levels in their urine are susceptible to obesity.

Foods rich in salt

You might not even know this, but the food you’re consuming has way more sodium than you realised — cottage cheese, canned vegetables, cereal, bread, pasta sauce and even cookies!

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