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This immunity-boosting chutney is good for constipation and blood sugar

Ensure you are including immunity boosters in your daily diet. Here's a simple chutney that offers numerous health benefits.

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The current health crisis has made everyone work towards building their immunity in more ways than one. From eating seasonal to counting on traditional recipes and exercising regularly, people have started to incorporate simple, easy things that are good for their health. But if you are someone who swears by immunity-boosting foods and recipes that are also delicious, here is a simple chutney that you should try.

Nutritionist Lavleen Kaur shared a recipe that had our attention.

She captioned the post, “What if every meal you have can help in boosting immunity by just adding a spoon of magic on the side? That magic is nothing but a special immunity booster chutney that everyone in the family can relish along with the traditional meal consisting dal, rice, roti and sabji.”

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1 – Raw mango
3 pods – Garlic
2 inch – Ginger
1/2 – Small onion
1 – Small tomato
1 tbsp – Anardana (pomegranate seeds)
10-12 – Fresh curry leaves
4-5 – Fresh ajwain leaves
5-6 – Fresh sweet basil leaves (niazbo)
1 cup – Fresh mint leaves
1 cup – Fresh coriander leaves
2-3 – Green chillies
Salt (rock salt) – as per taste
Tamarind/jaggery (optional)


*Crush all the ingredients in mortar and pestle till it mixes well and becomes a chutney.

How to consume?

Enjoy a small serving (1-2 tbsp) with your meals.

Benefits of the ingredients used

*Raw mango, tomato and pomegranate seeds are rich in vitamin C.
*Ginger, garlic, onion and tomato are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals.
*Fresh leaves aid in better digestion.
*Sweet basil leaves also help relieve nausea.

Who can consume it?

*Good for diabetics to maintain blood sugar levels.
*Great for acidity relief (remove chillies from recipe).
*Relieves constipation due to high fibre content.
*Good for anaemics as vitamin C helps in absorption of iron.
*Also good for PCOD, thyroid and any other hormonal imbalance.

However, be careful

*If you have IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
*If you are pregnant (mind the portion).

But why use mortar and pestle and not a blender?

As per Kaur, pounding offers a full sensory experience, such that aromas are released and flavours are compounded to the sound of stone on stone. “The connection you feel with the food you are making when engaging arms and hands (and nose), is actually pretty amazing,” she said, while adding how no heat is produced which makes the food taste original, more tastier and flavourful.

Bonus tip: Pounding helps you get toned arms and biceps.

Would you like to try this recipe?

First published on: 17-06-2020 at 10:00:45 am
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