ICMR report trains focus on cancer registry at Chandigarh PGI

Among the total cancer cases, in the men, 43 per cent of cases were tobacco related, while in women, the number was 14.3 per cent.

Written by Adil Akhzer | Chandigarh | Published: May 22, 2016 3:34:17 am

THE RATIO of cancer among boys recorded at PGI’s hospital cancer registry between 2012 and 2014 was 10.2 per cent against the total number of cancer cases, while in the girls the ratio was 6.3 per cent. This was revealed in the latest hospital-based cancer registry report released by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in New Delhi.

According to the ICMR report, of the all cancer number 9,650 in men, the cancer cases recorded among boys was 983. Against the total number of cancer in women 7,532 recorded at the hospital, there were 475 cases of cancer is girls during the two years.

The hospital registry cannot tell the incidence of any particular city as the hospital receives patients from different states, doctors said.

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About the age group in the boys, the report reveals that 41 per cent of cases were aged between 0-4, 31 percent were in the 5-9 age group and 10-14 the percentage was 27.1. Among the girls, 0-4 age group was also the leading with the highest of 46.8 per cent.

The report has also provided the types of cancer among the boys and girls in the registry. In the boys, Leukaemias was the highest one with 46.4 per cent (456 cases) followed by Lymphomas with 12.2 per cent (120 cases), and C.N.S. Tumours with 10.8 per cent (108 cases).

The report said leukaemia cases were highest among girls cases with 35.9 per cent(170 cases), followed by CNS. Tumours and retinoblastoma at 9.1 per cent (43 cases).The most common cancer among the girls was soft tissue sarcomas with eight per cent (38 cases).

Overall cases at PGI

About the PGI, the report said over the two-year period, the registry recorded 9,650 cases of men and 7,532 of women. About the men, lung cancer were the highest with 11.9 per cent, while brain nervous system cancer was the second highest with 7.2 per cent. Tongue, esophagus, Larnyx were the common in the men at 6.7 per cent.

About the women, the highest cases of cancer were breast at 18.6 per cent (1,401 cases). It is followed by Cervix uteri and Ovary at 15.2 (1,143 cases) and 7.7 (580 cases) per cent respectively.

The report has also mentioned the age group in the men and women who were recorded in the hospital registry. In

men, the highest cases with lung cancer was 219 cases in the 60-64 age group, while as in women the women aged between 45 and 49 reported maximum number of breast cancer cases.

The ICMR report has also reported the method of diagnosis of cancer. In the men, 98.4 cancer were reported as microscopic diagnosis, while as 1.5 percent of the cancers were diagnosed at 1.5 percent. In the women, the cancers were diagnosed on microscopic technique 98.7 per cent followed by X-ray and other ways.

Tobacco related cancers

Among the total cancer cases, in the men, 43 per cent of cases were tobacco related, while in women, the number was 14.3 per cent. The report pointed out that 27.1 per cent of total cases in men were ‘No Cancer Directed Treatment’ whereas in women, the percentage was 25.2 per cent.

‘Patiala has more breast cancer cases’

The report also mention that cases of cancer in population based cancer registry Patiala district of Punjab during the two years. The report states that there were 2853 cancer cases in men, while in women the number was 3158. The report adds that among the cancer cases in men, the highest was Oesophagus while in women it was breast cancer with

30 per cent.


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