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From improving digestion to immunity: Here’s why you should have homemade achaar or pickle this season

The ‘live bacteria-rich’ pickle our daadi/naani (garndmothers) makes are through the process of ‘lacto-fermentation’, a method that is gaining popularity worldwide, said celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal

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Experts regularly highlight the importance of consuming homemade food. But it is not only homemade dishes; even homemade pickles or achaar are beneficial as they are gut-friendly and perfect to beat the summer heat. Taking to Instagram, celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal suggested why “homemade pickles are as good as prized heirlooms that must be treasured”.

“The ‘live bacteria-rich’ pickle our daadi/naani (garndmothers) makes are through the process of ‘lacto-fermentation’, a method that is gaining popularity worldwide. The salt she adds, aids in controlling the fermentation process, the oil acts as natural preservative and the methi/jeera/dhania (fenugreek/cumin/coriander seeds) have anti–microbial properties that also enhances the taste,” she said in an Instagram post.

Here’s why you must have homemade pickle:

Fights obesity and diabetes

Our fast-paced lifestyle is heavy on packaged/processed food which upsets the balance of our gut microbiota. New researches link the changes in our “gut flora mix” with an increase in obesity and diabetes. “The ‘live’ bacteria in homemade achaar helps restore the diversity and strength of the gut microbiota, accelerates fat burning and increases insulin sensitivity,” she said.

Fights bloating

By providing just the right strain of bacteria, it helps in relieving bloating and makes you look thinner on your tummy.

Stimulates vitamins B12 and D

Encourages production of vitamin B12 and vitamin D3. If your blood reports have declared you deficient in these vitamins, do take a vitamin shot of your homemade achaar!

Improves digestion

Achaar aids in digestion and helps assimilate and absorb nutrients from food (the science behind the age-old practice of having a small pickle with your fibre-rich rotis and rice).

Boosts immunity


It creates acidic fermentation by-products in the body and lowers the intestine’s pH at a level where it is difficult for any “bad” bacteria to survive. The “good” bacteria that it contains secrete anti-microbial proteins that kill off “bad” bacteria and boosts the immunity of the body.

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First published on: 15-04-2021 at 15:50 IST
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