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Here are some Ayurvedic remedies for skin rashes

"Oatmeal is anti-inflammatory and can help to repair skin," says Dr Dimple Jangda, founder of PRĀNA Healthcare Centre and Academy for Ayurveda

skin allergySkin allergy must be treated as soon as possible. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Ayurveda has a lot of natural remedies for various health problems. Skin health, especially, could benefit from natural ingredients for healing. Skin rashes are a common occurrence for various reasons — and they can cause itching, burning, and various other forms of distress.

Allergy occurs when the body reacts negatively to a substance that may have entered the system by the air, food, or touch,” Dr Dimple Jangda, the founder of PRĀNA Healthcare Centre and Academy for Ayurveda writes in her Instagram post.

In the post, she talks about how different factors can cause allergies, such as contact dermatitis, in which a rash appears on the skin when it comes into contact with an allergen, or warm weather, which can cause a rash due to high temperature. Food-related allergies are also common, such as experiencing skin rashes after eating certain foods like peanuts.

Check out her post below:

Here are the remedies that she mentions:

Essential oils

In Ayurveda, various natural oils are useful to treat skin rashes, such as almond oil, chamomile oil, and tea tree oil. They can be mixed in equal proportions to get relief from rashes.

Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal is anti-inflammatory and can help to repair your skin due to the presence of oleic acid and linoleic oil. These compounds help to decrease surface inflammation and can reduce redness, pain, and itching.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can reduce skin inflammation which causes rashes, redness and itching. It helps to strengthen the skin barrier, which minimises irritants from entering the skin and maintains skin hydration, both of which work to reduce potential inflammation.

Aloe Vera


Fresh aloe vera is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, and has antioxidant properties. It also contains several vitamins and fatty acids which are effective for rashes and skin irritation. You can apply aloe vera gel directly to the rash or the affected skin area.

To explore these further, we also asked Karishma Shah, Integrative Nutritionist and Ayurveda Expert to throw some light. “For skin rashes, I usually recommend applying neem lep (a medicinal paste that is applied to an external part of the body) or aloe vera gel. These two are simple methods to help the rashes subside. If you are prone to skin rashes, I would also recommend reducing excessive consumption of salty, spicy, fermented or fried foods, and reducing consumption of tea, coffee, aerated drinks and alcohol,” she said.

If you are particularly prone to skin rashes, keep one of these ingredients by your bedside.

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First published on: 27-11-2022 at 13:20 IST
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