Give jabs to men in morning,women in afternoon: study

Give jabs to men in morning,women in afternoon: study

Researchers feel that changes in sex hormones may be responsible for this change.

The time of the day does matter when it comes to giving shots to men and women,claims a new study.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have carried out the study and found that vaccines are more effective when administered to men in the morning and women in the afternoon,’The Sunday Telegraph’ reported.

The study suggests that by vaccinating men and women at different times of the day could help to ensure that the jab can boost their immunity against the disease,according to the researchers.

The researchers believe that changes sex hormones like testosterone may be responsible for this change in the response to vaccines through the day. Men tend to have higher testosterone levels in the morning.


They saw the effectiveness of both the flu vaccine in 89 elderly patients and the Hepatitis A vaccine in 75 younger people changed depending of the time of day it was given to the subjects,

They found that a month after being given either Hepatitis A or a flu vaccination,the antibodies in the men who were injected in the morning were higher than those injected in the afternoon. There was a small increase among women injected in the afternoon.

Dr Anna Phillips,who led the study,said: “The effect was biggest for men. It wasn’t statistically significant in women but seemed to be heading in the right direction.

“The flu vaccine is not the most effective vaccine and scientists are always trying to find ways to make it more effective in older people. What we are doing is free and there are no side effects. The cost savings could be immense.”