Get up off your butt,now!

Get up off your butt,now!

Sitting down 'takes up 14 hours of one's day'.

You may stand up while reading this — sitting down takes up nearly 14 hours of one’s day,a new study has revealed.

According to the study,a typical adult sits for 14 hours and 39 minutes every day,and between commuting,working in an office and relaxing in front of the television,millions of people spend barely any time on their feet.

Researchers in Britain have found that most workers spend four hours and 17 minutes a day at their desks,and a further two hours and 27 minutes parked in front of their TVs.

They will also sit down to use a home computer for another two hours and 25 minutes,and spend an hour and 41 minutes driving the car,with a further 52 minutes on public transport,the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.


Meal times lead to a 33 more minutes sitting down,while 54 minutes are dedicated to playing computer games. And,finally,there’s an hour and ten minutes spent reading books and magazines — before lying down and going to sleep.

More than half also admitted that on most days,the only exercise they get is the short stroll between their house and car,the study,based on a survey of 3,000 adults,found.

Zoe Hellman,dietician for Weight Watchers,which commissioned the poll,was quoted by the British newspaper as saying,”To spend over half our day sitting down is a health bomb waiting to happen.

“We know that it can seem difficult to find the time to exercise,but there are ways to introduce it into even the busiest lifestyles. Walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift and parking further from the shops are free and easy ways of keeping fit.”