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Nine Ayurvedic guidelines for a healthy and happy gut

"We all know by now that 'we are not what we eat rather what we digest'. Ayurveda gives some great guidance for eating, especially when it comes to digestion," Dr Dixa Bhavsar said

gut health, ayurvedaEmbrace these tips to keep your gut healthy. (Source: Pixabay)

Mindful eating is very important for a healthy body and mind. With digestive troubles becoming increasingly common and frequent, it becomes essential to follow certain eating guidelines. As such, did you know Ayurveda has set guidelines for eating?

As per Healthline, the Ayurvedic diet is a type of eating plan that sets guidelines for when, how, and what you should eat based on your dosha, or body type. Ayurvedic doctor Dr Dixa Bhavsar, recently, shared the same that you can try to embrace for a healthy gut.

“We all know by now that ‘we are not what we eat rather what we digest’. Ayurveda gives some great guidance for eating, especially when it comes to digestion,” she said. Check it out.

Follow these nine eating guidelines, as per Ayurveda.

*Eat only when you are hungry. As in really hungry—that is to say when your previous meal has been completely digested. Sometimes we might think we are hungry, however, it could only be that we are dehydrated. Be in tune with your body and rediscover how it feels to be really hungry.

* Eat in a calm and comfortable place. Sit down when you eat and eat with as little distraction as possible: no tv, no book, no phone and no laptop.

*Eat the right quantity. We are all different, with different needs and different stomach sizes and metabolic speeds. Listen to your body and eat only to a point when you feel satisfied.

*Eat warm meals. Ideally freshly cooked but as long as you avoid anything coming out straight from the fridge you’ll preserve your digestive power (agni). This allows your digestive enzymes to work efficiently.


*Eat quality food. Make sure that your meal is juicy or a little oily as this will facilitate digestion and improve nutrient absorption. Avoid foods that are too dry.

*Do not eat incompatible food items together. This might lead to an upset stomach. A few of the incompatible foods are fruits and milk, fish and milk, etc.

*Be present when you eat. Use all your five senses. Take time to appreciate the smell of your meal, the look of your plate, the texture of your food, the different flavours, and the sounds that you make when you eat.


*Don’t eat fast. Don’t just swallow your food, take your time to chew. Chewing is an essential step of digestion.

*Eat at a regular time. Nature likes cycles and regularity, so you should abide!

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First published on: 21-10-2021 at 11:30:33 am
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