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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Females trying to lose weight should copy males: Expert

An exercise expert has advised females trying to lose weight to ape males to build a muscular body that can help to shed weight more effectively.

Written by Agencies | Melbourne | Published: January 19, 2009 10:10:34 am

An Australian exercise expert has advised females trying to lose weight to ape males to build up a muscular body that can help to shed weight more effectively.

The physiologist,as quoted in ‘Herald Sun’ report on Monday,asked females that if they wanted to drop those kilograms quickly,they needed to lose weight like a man.

Exercise physiologist Melissa Arkinstall reasoned it out as “males have more metabolically ‘active’ bodies because they have more muscle mass. Having more muscle mass is important because when you work out,muscles use more kilojoules than fat,which results in an increased metabolic rate.”

The key for women is to find a way to boost their metabolism and build more lean muscle. Weight training is a great way to do this,as is exercising regularly.

“Lean body tissue (amount) is a major determinant of a person’s metabolic rate” Arkinstall said adding “therefore increasing muscle mass is important when you’re trying to boost your metabolism.”

“Having more muscle mass means your body is more metabolically active,so as a result your body uses more energy to burn off foods. That is why males will generally have a higher metabolic rate than females.”

“Interestingly,women gain strength with less increase in muscle size because they have lower levels of testosterone. The lower levels of testosterone limits their ability to create big muscles”,she said.

Meanwhile,dietician Lisa Sutherland also points to the long-term benefits of weight training for women. Not only will it help tone the body,it improves bone strength.

“If you are female and doing regular strength training as part of your exercise regimen,your bones will thank you for it,” Sutherland said.

“Sure,your weights program may help you tone up and boost your metabolism by increasing your lean muscle mass,but it’s the long-term benefits for your bones that will really make a difference to your life as you get older.”

“Osteoporosis is a significant health problem for females,but resistance exercise can help to reduce the risk of bone loss,particularly when this accelerates after menopause,” she said.

“As we get older,strong muscles will help us maintain independence in our daily living,such as carrying the shopping bags and moving things around the house,and will also reduce the risk of falls and fractures. Strength training can lessen chronic health problems such as diabetes,” she added.

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