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Peas should be a part of your diet; Bhagyashree shares why

"Peas are those gems of nutrition that were often thrown in most Indian food to enrich the look of any vegetable...," she said

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It is now well understood that nothing can match a balanced diet, proper sleep and regular exercise when it comes to healthy living. But there can still be some confusion about the foods to include in one’s diet to ensure optimum nutrition. While experts suggest many foods, one you can definitely incorporate is peas or matar.

A great source of protein, peas not just help build immunity but are also a good source of vitamin A, B, C, E, K, along with zinc, potassium, vitamins and fibre.

“Peas are those gems of nutrition that were often thrown in most Indian food to enrich the look of any vegetable,” said actor and fitness enthusiast Bhagyashree as part of her ‘TuesdayTip’ series on Instagram, adding that they are also excellent for digestive health, eye health and immunity.

Here’s why peas are good for you

A rich source of fibre, peas support digestive health by fueling the gut bacteria. Since most of the fibre is soluble, it helps alleviate constipation. Fibre is considered good for metabolic health as it is associated with a reduced risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Peas help negate blood sugar spikes, which can affect memory and energy. They are known to be low glycemic index food, hence ensuring that there is no rise in blood sugar levels post-consumption.

Peas, a source of magnesium, potassium and essential minerals are known to be good for the heart, too.

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So when are you adding them to your diet?

First published on: 23-08-2021 at 16:00 IST
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