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Here’s why you should have dried apricots or khumani

Just like the yellowish-orange fresh fruit, the dried ones too are extremely beneficial for health.

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A fibre-rich diet is extremely essential for one’s health. Besides normalising bowel movements, such a diet can help in controlling blood sugar levels. Among the many fibre-rich foods, fruits are extremely beneficial. One of the heavyweights among such fruits is apricot, which is a rich source of vitamin A, C and potassium.

Just like the yellowish-orange fresh fruit, the dried ones too are extremely beneficial for health. Highlighting the importance of eating dried apricots, Union Minister for Health Dr Harsh Vardhan took to Twitter to share how dried apricots “provide many key minerals”.

Here are the benefits of dried apricots, which are obtained when the water content of apricots is evaporated without reducing the nutritional value. Dried fruits are a good source of fibre, iron, potassium and antioxidants and dried apricot is no different.

1. Dried apricots have calcium, which strengthens your bones and preserves nerve function.

2. They also include magnesium which helps provide relief from muscle spasms and cramps,

3. Dried apricots are an excellent low-calorie addition to one’s weight loss diet as they help keep cravings in check.

4. As per a University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ 2017study, dried apricots contain iron that may help improve blood health. As a woman’s blood volume increases by 50 per cent during pregnancy, more iron is needed in one’s diet. Dried apricots are a good source of iron.

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5. However, diabetics are advised to eat fresh apricots instead of dried ones as they are high on sugar. Also, one should practice moderation as an excess of anything is not a sustainable strategy for weight loss.

First published on: 05-12-2019 at 11:40:34 am
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