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Weight loss: Are you guilty of making these diet mistakes?

Nutritionist Nancy Dehra listed reasons your diet may not be yielding results

dietIs your diet helping you? (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Many people opt for specific diets as part of their weight loss journey. But weight loss is not about starving oneself, or eating bland food, it is instead about following a proper diet, and exercising portion control. And, if your diet is not yielding desired results, it is time you may want to re-consider a few things.

Nutritionist Nancy Dehra listed what one should be mindful about.

*Eating salads and fibrous foods while dieting is a great way to keep hunger at bay but most of us forget to count calories in oils/dressings that are used to make salads tasty.

*Unaccounted calories from bites and licks off your kid, partner or friend’s plate can be erasing your deficit. “Two bites of white sauce pasta can be anywhere from 80-120 calories. I am not saying it is wrong to taste a food while dieting; not accounting the calories is what’s putting your efforts in vain. Just be mindful to not do it everyday,” she mentioned.

*Making time for exercise or just moving more even inside the house can increase your non-exercise activity thermogenesis. “It is always better to move a little than staying in bed all day long,” she said.

*Eating too many fruits can also put you out of your deficit. “Fruits are great source of vitamins and minerals, fibre and antioxidants, but at the same time have calories (not a lot but enough to throw you out of your diet), noted Dehra.

What must be done?

“Watching your portion size and creating accountability is what it takes to keep your game strong,” she said.

In an earlier post, she also pointed out three “underrated” ways of eating less

*Eat slow, chew more. This means one should eat without distractions like TV, phone, or talk.
*Understand hunger cues. “Stop when you are 80 per cent full,” she said.
*Balance your meals with the right amount of fibre and protein.

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First published on: 20-09-2021 at 10:50:39 am
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