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Debina Bonnerjee shares her ‘healing process after C-section’

"I was actually prepared this time, that my second baby will also drink formula milk only. But, in the recovery room, the nurse tried and I started lactating," the actor-vlogger said in the video

Debina BonnerjeeDebina gave birth to her second daughter last month (Source: Debina Bonnerjee/Instagram)

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary welcomed their second child — a daughter — last month. Soon after, the vlogger shared her entire delivery process and her return back home from the hospital on her YouTube Channel. In keeping with the same, she took to social media recently to detail her recovery process after the C-section delivery. “The aim to capture the entire journey [of delivery] was to show that there are many ups and downs in life and suddenly a situation can go beyond our control. There is no use in panicking at that time. Remain cool and let things fall into place,” she started out saying.

Sharing the difference between the recovery after a normal delivery vs a C-section, the 39-year-old explained, “C-section is more difficult than normal delivery. After normal delivery, women stand on their feet in a day and a half, and there is no backlog. But here, because many layers of muscles, tissues, the uterus, and the skin get cut and then sewn again, it feels like a complete mess inside.”

However, she emphasised that there’s nothing to be afraid of. “If your situation is such that you can avoid C-section, then go for it as it is completely fine.”

Debina shared that she is now feeling quite good and also goes for slow walks within her society compound. “On the day of the operation, I was lying down all day and night. By night, I started turning so that I could stand and walk the next day. After that, the physio came and made me walk. I kept one thing in mind that the nurse suggested — to not bend while standing. That helped me recover faster. Slowly, I started walking and sitting,” she shared.

The actor-vlogger also opened up about breastfeeding her daughter. For the unversed, she had previously shared that Lianna — her first daughter — was fed formula milk because Debina was not lactating. “I was actually prepared this time, that my second baby will also drink formula milk only. But, in the recovery room, the nurse tried and I started lactating. It was the most beautiful feeling. The lactation of three days is not called milk, it is called colostrum. That is the powerhouse of immunity for your child. They took the colostrum with the help of a syringe and gave it to the baby,” she said.

However, she is also feeding formula milk to her second daughter. “We are also feeding formula milk to the baby so that if such a situation arises when I am not lactating, then she is used to drinking that milk, too. Lianna is absolutely healthy drinking formula so there is no misconception that formula should not be given at all.”

Talking about medications, Debina shared that she was on antibiotics, painkillers and antacids for five days after the delivery. “Currently, I am consuming 2-3 medicines that are necessary till I breastfeed the baby. These include iron and calcium tablets. There has been a lot of blood loss after c-section so it is necessary to consume iron to produce blood. During breastfeeding, calcium will be pulled from my bones. To replenish the supply of calcium in my body, it is necessary to take calcium supplements,” she said.

Additionally, she is taking omega-3 tablets “as it has DHA which reaches the baby through breast milk”. Explaining the many ways it is helpful for new mothers, she said, “It helps develop the brain and eyes of the baby. One of the most common issues women face during postpartum recovery is hair fall. Omega-3 helps aid your skin and hair health. The fatty acid in omega-3 reduces inflammation and nourishes the hair follicle. It prevents premature ageing of the skin, wrinkles, fine lines, melasma, etc as it nourishes and hydrates the skin.”

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First published on: 01-12-2022 at 20:00 IST
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