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Cooking is said to be therapeutic and emotionally rewarding; find out why

Your culinary skills are linked to your mental health.

cooking, health benefits, indian express news Cooking is the best form of tangible validation, says science. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

When you are having a bad day, instead of plonking yourself on the sofa and flipping through the TV channels, get that recipe book out and start cooking. Rake up a culinary storm, because science says that cooking is an emotionally-rewarding experience, and a therapy of sorts that can do wonders for your mental health. Want to know how it benefits you? Read on.

The reward

When you cook something, you see the result in front of your eyes. It is an instant validation of your efforts that puts you in a good mood. While other experiences often produce intangible results, cooking gives you something tangible to hold on to and admire, thus giving you instant gratification, which becomes your reward.

Creative process

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Cooking is considered to be a creative process which, as opposed to making you feel anxious, puts you at ease and makes you focus, thereby helping you fight anxiety and stress. Studies have shown that baking has a calming effect on people — what with its creative thinking — and it makes them feel more capable and happier.

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Cooking for others

When you are doing it for others, there is a strange sense of satisfaction and mental well-being. It strengthens your bond with others and helps build a connection. Additionally, it makes you realise your worth and feel powerful.

Keeps the brain healthy

The health of the brain is directly linked to the food you eat. When you do the cooking, you know exactly which ingredient you are adding to the food. You are also acutely aware of the everybody’s dietary needs and intolerance (if any). So, cook as much as you can, and whenever you can.

Saves money

Goes without saying, instead of ordering out day after day, if you take the time and cook for yourself, you save money. Also, unnecessary indulgence is not a smart thing to do anyway; it is bad for your health and pocket.

First published on: 26-12-2019 at 13:10 IST
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