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Keep cold and cough away with these Ayurvedic home remedies

Home remedies can come to your rescue when common cold and cough trouble you this winter season

common cold, cough, how to cure common cold, how to cure cough, ayurveda remedies, ayurveda, dr dixa bhavsar, indianexpress.com, indianexpress,One of the common health issues that many of us tend to face is common cold and cough. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

A lot of us wait for the winters to set in as it brings respite from the scorching summer heat. But it cannot be denied that the chilly season also brings with it many seasonal health issues like common cold and cough. While people brush it off and do not take medication for the same, it might trigger other health issues. Therefore, it is important to be a little more alert about respiratory disorders, suggested ayurvedic doctor Dr Dixa Bhavsar.

“It might seem harmless but it can take a toll on our health. So it’s better to prevent it in all possible ways,” she added while recommending some simple preventive measures.

Check them out below:

As per Dr Bhavsar, it is best to avoid kapha or cold-inducing foods like cold drinks, yoghurts mixed with fruits, sugary foods, cold foods, along with day sleep and light nights.

She also recommended a few home remedies that have been used by generations.

*Boil 7-8 tulsi leaves, a small piece of ginger, few cloves of garlic (lasun), 1 tsp carom seeds (ajwain), 1 tsp methi seeds, turmeric (dry or fresh) and 4-5 black pepper (kali mirch) in 1 litre of water, until it gets half. Then drink it first thing in the morning.
*No cold water for shower and drinking. Instead drink warm water to promote digestive function.
*Honey helps soothe your throat.

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*Drink ginger, turmeric, lemon tea.
*Steam inhalation. Add some ajwain, eucalyptus oil or turmeric in boiled water for steam inhalation.
*Drink warm milk with turmeric.
*Gargle with licorice decoction or luke warm water with turmeric & rock salt incase of sore throat.
*Chew tulsi leaves or liquorice (mulethi).
*Have ayurvedic formulations like Sitopladi Churna (expectorant), Trikatu Churna and Talisadi churna (decongestant) with honey.


Along with these, you also need to reduce intake of fatty, fried, stale and street food. Try and eat light home-cooked foods, she said.

Dr Bhavsar also recommended guided breathing techniques like Bhastrika, Anuloma viloma and Bhramri Pranayama twice every day, both in the morning and at night.

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First published on: 11-11-2020 at 10:00:04 am
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