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After announcing she has breast cancer, Chhavi Mittal says she feels ‘blessed to have detected it early’

"Had gone to a doctor for a minor gym injury in the chest and that’s when they found the lump," she wrote

Chhavi Mittal, Chhavi Mittal news, Chhavi Mittal breast cancer, Chhavi Mittal breast cancer diagnosis, Chhavi Mittal breast cancer awareness, Chhavi Mittal health, indian express newsThe actor said it was a gym injury that led to her diagnosis. "I’ve shed a lot of tears since yesterday." (Photo: Instagram/@chhavihussein)

After sharing with her fans and followers that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Chhavi Mittal revealed the details of her diagnosis in a new Instagram post, mentioning how she found out about the lump.

“I truly have a higher power looking over me and I feel blessed to have detected it early. I had gone to a doctor for a minor gym injury in the chest and that’s when they found the lump. We investigated it further and further till we did a biopsy which came back positive,” the actor wrote.

“To all women, I feel like my gymming will literally save my life but nothing should be left to chance. As a post cancer patient one is supposed to do 6 monthly PET scans mandatorily… so in order to save your life from breast cancer, PLEASE do regular self examination/mammograms… and do not neglect a lump if you find one,” she added.

Mittal also stated that early detection is the “only key and it’s worth every effort”.

In her long post, the Shitty Ideas Trending actor also thanked people for their prayers and wishes, writing, “I’ve shed a lot of tears since yesterday. But only tears of joy! I’ve received thousands of messages and wishes in the last 24 hours and they keep pouring in… and each one of them has words like, strong, superwoman, inspiration, fighter, gem, and many such beautiful adjectives that they used for me.”

She also mentioned that people from “different faiths” prayed for her during “mass, during namaz, to Bholenath, guruji”. “People reached out with alternative therapies, books to read, groups to join and the most inspiring of all.. their own breast cancer journeys. I am so overwhelmed to have such a loving and engaged community as supporters… How can I not recover fast,” the caption read.

The actor had earlier written an appreciation post for her breasts, stating that their “importance peaked when [they] fed both [her] babies”.

“Today it’s my turn to stand by you when one of you fights cancer. It’s not the best thing to happen, but it doesn’t have to bog my spirits down. It’s not going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be tough. I might not look the same again, but it doesn’t have to make me feel different,” Mittal officially announced.

Dr Geeth Monnappa, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Fortis La Femme Hospital, Richmond Road, Bengaluru, had previously shared with the signs and symptoms of breast cancer besides the lump, stating that the earliest symptoms are often better felt than seen.

Things to look out for, according to the doctor:


1. Change in the size or shape of the breast
2. Nipple discharge
3. Pulling in of the nipple (inverted nipple)
4. Redness or flaky skin in the nipple or breast
5. Irritation or dimpling of the breast skin

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First published on: 17-04-2022 at 13:20 IST
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