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Peanut butter vs boiled groundnuts: Which is better for your health?

However, people who have issues like irritable bowel syndrome or have a tendency to feel bloated and gassy should stay away from it, Dr Ria Banerjee Ankola said

peanutBoiled peanuts or peanut butter -- which is better? (Source: Pixabay)

Today, peanut butter is among the most preferred protein snacks, especially for fitness enthusiasts. However, nutritionists like Bhuvan Rastogi feel that there are many other snacks that are healthier than peanut butter and also contain a sizeable portion of healthy fats. He took to Instagram to talk about one such option — a traditional Maharashtrian snack called Ukadalelya shenga or boiled groundnuts.

Peanut butter is now in fashion but Indians have our own versions of peanut snacks that provide the same benefits. Ukadalelya shenga means boiled groundnuts. Just lightly crack the peanut shells and boil them in a pressure cooker for three-six whistles. This is a common snack in Marathi households and it is even available on the streets. In North India, roasted ground nuts are a common snack,” he captioned his post.

For the unversed, peanuts are a great source of protein. They also contain other healthy nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. The amino acids in the protein are needed for growth and development, experts suggest.

Rastogi further mentioned that peanut butter is “nothing but milled-roasted ground nuts with no additives”. “100g peanuts (without husk) or 100g peanut butter provide 21-24g protein and 50-52g fat with about 600 calories. They provide nearly twice the amount of fats. Same trend is seen for most nuts, nut butters, and even nut-based milks. They are a good auxiliary source of protein. I wouldn’t recommend having them as your primary source and trying to complete your daily protein needs by just these sources,” he added.

Stressing that for 50 grams protein, one ends up with “nearly 100 grams fat, which is 800 calories just from fats, about 1,200 calories in total”, he highlighted the need to make healthier choices. “When trying to use nuts to complete a major chunk of needs, the rest of the diet becomes very restrictive,” he noted.

Agreed food therapist Dr Ria Banerjee Ankola and mentioned that peanut butter has “suddenly become so overrated”. “The problem is everyone can’t have it because it’s very high in calorie and we need to know when and how to eat it as well. What is the point of avoiding ghee but having loads of peanut butter?”

Boiled groundnuts, on the other hand, are legumes, Dr Ria mentioned. “They are extremely beneficial because they have carbohydrates, good fats, proteins and fibre as well,” she told

Nutritious and packed with antioxidants, boiled peanuts are an excellent source of energy. “A half cup of boiled peanuts contains approximately 286 calories with no cholesterol. Vitamins E and B, which are crucial for the growth and development of muscles and organs, are also present in boiled peanuts. Your daily thymine needs can be met with just half a cup of boiled peanuts. It offers minerals, such as magnesium, which is a nutrient that must be included in everyday meals. Additionally, it contains minerals, phosphorus, and small traces of zinc. Due to their nutritious value, raw and roasted peanuts have higher calorie counts than the boiled ones,” health coach and nutritionist Anupama Menon told

Should you have peanut butter? (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Also, they contain a lot of flavonoids, which shield the body’s cells from damage. “Further, it lowers the risk of developing chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The boiled form of peanuts contains far more fibre than the dry-roasted form,” said Menon.

However, people who have issues like irritable bowel syndrome or have a tendency to feel bloated and gassy should stay away from it, Dr Ria added.

How much quantity of peanuts can one have, and at what time?


“It’s a hotly contested issue because it also depends on whether eating peanuts at night suits your gut or not. This is because they increase satiety, peanuts should be eaten first thing in the morning before breakfast, especially if you want to lose weight. Eating them in moderation as part of a balanced diet may help reduce your weight and improve health,” said Menon.

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First published on: 30-11-2022 at 17:30 IST
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