Basics of kickboxing: Strike, kick and punch – Part 2

Basics of kickboxing: Strike, kick and punch – Part 2

Hope you liked the warm-up exercises and part one of our online kickboxing tutorial. Here's the second part of the series.

Though traditionally kickboxing started off as a form of martial arts and stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, but over the time it has evolved into a fitness regimen that comes with a lot of health benefits ranging from weight reduction, improvement in balance and coordination of the body and strengthening of upper and lower body muscles.

Here’s the second part of the kickboxing online tutorial.

1. Side kick with target area

2. Swing kick with target area

3. Swing kick on punching bag


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4. Middle thrust kick

5. Knee smash round

6. Combination punch, dodge and kick

7. Combination on bag thrust kick

8. Backfist strike

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9. Backfist strike advanced level

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