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This ‘desi superfood’ treats constipation; can be used in the form of ‘decoction, powder and even juice’

“One to two grams of of this seed powder is the suitable dosage for a person with the exceptions of pregnant women and patients with chronic health issues as it drains water out of the body,” said Dr Karishma Shah.

chaksu seeds, chaksu seeds benefits, chaksu seeds diabetes“As per Ayurveda, it is also helpful in managing hypertension,” said Karishma Shah, Integrative Health Nutritionist. (Photo: Lovneet Batra/Instagram)

Known for their numerous health benefits, chaksu seeds are commonly used in Ayurveda. Belonging to the Caesalpiniaceae family, the seeds and leaves of the plant are widely used for their medicinal qualities. As such, talking about these power-packed seeds, also known as Cassia Absus, was nutritionist Lovneet Batra who recently took to Instagram to share the benefits.

“Chaksu seeds are desi superfood found in almost all the states of India, particularly North-West India, in the foot of Himalayas and in Ceylon. These seeds have many medicinal properties that can be used in the form of decoction, powder, and even juice,” she added.

Agreed Karishma Shah Ph.D., Integrative Health Nutritionist & Holistic Life Coach, and told indianexpress.com, “The seeds are diuretic in nature, have anti-inflammatory properties, and hence are good for managing kidney, liver, and urinary tract infections and also increasing the blood flow.” She added that some people also use it as a face mask, and for cleaning the eyes. “As per Ayurveda, it is also helpful in managing hypertension,” the expert said.

“One to two grams of dosage is suitable for a normal person with the exceptions of pregnant women and patients with chronic health issues as it drains water out of the body,” she advised, adding that the seeds are extremely buttery and, hence, are usually consumed in finely powder form.

In her post, Loveneet Batra also listed some benefits. Take a look!

* Possess anti-hypertensive effect: The linoleic acid and linolenic acids present in chaksu seeds are responsible for its anti-hypertensive effect.

 *Anti-inflammatory: Traditionally, chaksu seeds are used for their anti-inflammatory activity. Flavonoids, including kaempferol and quercetin inhibit PGE2 and inflammatory cytokines, and are present in chaksu seeds as an anti-inflammatory agent.

* Prevents constipation: Cassia seed has therapeutic benefits, like its laxative properties. The extract has emodin that triggers its laxative properties to treat constipation issues.


 *Antiglycation activity: Glycation is a reaction that occurs between reducing sugars and it is a non-enzymatic reaction, such as glucose and lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins. Glycation is totally different from glycosylation, which is an enzymatic reaction. Glycation of proteins can cause many complications and degenerative diseases. Compounds having antiglycation potential can be used in the management of complications of diabetes.

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First published on: 29-11-2022 at 15:00 IST
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