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Avoid these foods if you are suffering from arthritis

Nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor talks about symptoms related to arthritis and suggests making diet changes for better results.

joint pains, what to do for monsoon joint pains,, indianexpress, what should you do for joint pain during monsoon, monsoon and joint pains, vitamin D and joint pain,Stay away from these foods if you are suffering from arthritis or joint pain. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Arthritis or joint pain is something which has become quite common among millions of people in today’s time. Lately, it has been observed that it is not related to a particular age. It can affect one or more joints together, restrict mobility, and disturb your functional life. If you experience stiffness in your body after sitting for long hours in the office or find it difficult to climb stairs and also undergo joint pain, there are chances that you might be suffering from arthritis. Exercise is necessary for the human body to remain fit. In addition to this, the food we consume also determines our fitness.

In this case, it becomes essential to know which food items should we steer clear of since the food you consume has a major effect on your health. Nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor took to Instagram to share which foods should be avoided for people suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

The expert mentioned in her Instagram post that arthritis is a broad term that covers over 100 diseases. She said that the word arthritis means joint inflammation. Putting out the symptoms and the inflammation caused, she wrote, “Arthritis includes swelling, pain, and stiffness. Inflammation that lasts a very long time or comes back, as in arthritis, can lead to tissue damage.”

The nutritionist recommended making changes to the diet to improve symptoms. In addition to this, she mentioned that if someone is suffering from gout, foods that are high in purines should be avoided.

Talking about people suffering from arthritis, she said, “Be sure to avoid foods like refined sugar, refined flour, refined oil, processed meat, processed foods containing MSG, and whey protein.” These foods are responsible for causing inflammation in the body and chronic inflammation is one of the major symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to this, these foods, when avoided would provide better results.

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First published on: 02-07-2022 at 08:30:58 pm
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