Food Review:Pizza on my Mind

Food Review:Pizza on my Mind

A new pizzeria comes with the promise of a gastronomic treat in seven plates.

The interiors of World Pizza Journey.
The interiors of World Pizza Journey.

If ever there was a place of reincarnation, it’s probably Hauz Khas Village. Instead of people, restaurants come to be reborn, as is the case with World Pizza Journey (WPJ), which is taking the place of the late, lamented Pizzeria Rossa. Though both are pizzerias, WPJ is under an entirely new management.

A firm believer in nomenclature, World Pizza Journey’s menu takes a roundtrip around the world, landing at every continent except Antartica; perhaps one of their future desserts can be a polar pizza. Picking up ingredients from distinct regions, the chefs apply them to the pizza format, and even more promisingly have a cornucopia of cocktails, each one paired with a particular pizza. Apart from a variety of sides, salads and proteins, there is also a litany of liquor as well as softer variants to slake any kind of thirst.

In a spirit of journalistic inquiry (and not just because we’re hogs, we promise) we order a tableaux of pies from various sections, beginning with the American Dream wherein we get the Chicago Deep Dish. Proud members of the global citizenry that we are, we also order the Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Barcelona Bailando and the Turkish Lamhe Bi Ajeen, while surreptitiously loosening our belt.

Meanwhile, our friendly server, clearly under the impression that we’re majorly malnourished, also urges us to try the Wood Fired Pesto Chicken.


The Chicago comes first, sizzling in a wrought iron pan, deeper than the scary side of a swimming pool, layered with ham and bacon, right to the bready depths. While the deep dish is a meal in itself, the table soon starts groaning under the weight of the rest of our supper.
The Bailando, chock-full of cheese and chorizo, is our pie of choice, a melange of salty goodness; though the Jamaican with its smoky-yet-sweet note strikes the right chord as well. The Turkish pizza is surprisingly the most sedate, lamb mince accoutred with onion rings, but makes up with the attendant pool of hummus. The pesto chicken meanwhile is garden fresh, conjuring up images of healthy happy hens pecking at a herb garden and then following a trail of breadcrumbs to the nearest wood fired oven. Cry fowl?

Meal for two: Rs 2,200 (including taxes and alcohol)
Address: 26, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, Contact: 33105226