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Saturday, January 18, 2020

You will fall in love with these healthy summer salad recipes

These summer salad recipes are delicious and absolutely healthy. You must give them a try.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 27, 2019 3:21:37 pm
panzanella salad, panzanella recipe, food, indian express You will fall in love with these healthy salad recipes.

Summers not only takes a toll on our skin and health, it also affects the appetite. Loss of appetite is a common thing during summers, which is why it is essential to eat a healthy diet which comprises of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

These salad recipes by Chef Ashish Singh of Cafe Delhi Heights are delicious and absolutely healthy! We are sure you will love them.

Maftoul Salad

Maftoul Salad, salad, healthy food, recipe, indian express Maftoul Salad


50g – Pomegranate seed
40g – Black olive
40g – Capsicum green diced
40g – Capsicum red diced
40g – Capsicum yellow diced
20g – Feta cheese
30g – Cous cous blanched
60g – Cucumber diced
40g – Green olive
30g – Lemon juice
100g – Iceberg lettuce
30ml – Olive oil
15g – Onion green chopped
30g – Blanched quinoa
30g – Rocket leaves
Salt (to taste)
30g – Sundried tomatoes
20g – Raisins
60g – Tomato red
60g – Onion

For Dressing:

Whisk together pomegranate juice, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and black pepper until it achieves a thick consistency.


*Wash and cut all the vegetables and put them in a salad bowl and combine them.
*Add the dressing, salt and pepper.
*Mix it well.
*Serve Cold.

Greek Salad

Greek Salad, Greek Salad recipe, salad, indian express Greek Salad


1- Red onion (diced)
6- Black olive
6 – Green olive
40g – Red bell pepper diced
40g – Cucumber (diced)
10g – Crumbled feta cheese
40g – Tomato (diced)
15ml – Lemon juice
Salt to taste
3g – Pepper
5g – Finely chopped garlic
10ml – Olive Oil
5g – Oregano


*Wash and clean all the vegetables and cut them into dices.
*Take a bowl, add salt and pepper, lemon juice, garlic, olive and oregano and whisk them well.
*Add the diced vegetables into it and serve in a bowl.
*Sprinkle feta cheese on top.

Panzanella Salad

panzanella salad, panzanella recipe, food, indian express Panzanella Salad


3g – Crushed black pepper
5g – Finely chopped garlic
3g – Finely chopped basil
50g – Zucchini green (diced)
50g – Zucchini yellow (diced)
30g – Capsicum green (diced)
30g – Red bell pepper (diced)
30g – Yellow bell pepper (diced)
30g – Carrot (diced)
40g – Broccoli
30g – Beans
1- Olive focaccia bread
15ml – Olive oil
3g – Oregano herb
10ml – Lemon juice
Salt to taste
4g – Iceberg lettuce
20g – Parmesan cheese


*Wash all the vegetables and cut them into dices.
*Cut focaccia bread into cubes and oven roast it.
*Take a pan, add olive oil and heat it.
*Add garlic into heated oil and sauté it until golden brown.
*Add all the vegetables and toss it on high flame.
*Season it with lemon juice and salt and pepper.
*Sprinkle oregano herb and Parmesan cheese.
*Take a salad bowl, make a bed of iceberg lettuce.
*Put warm tossed vegetables.
*Serve hot.

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