Do you have BALLS to feast on these Serbian delicacies made of testicles?

Do you have BALLS to feast on these Serbian delicacies made of testicles?

At the World Testicle Cooking Competition, participants cook the reproductive organs of various animals and later relish it. It may be the weirdest thing you might see, but the crowd in Serbia seems to love it.

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Serbians cook testicles of various animals like ostrich, bulls, boars, camels and kangaroos. (Source: Ruptly TV)

If you thought throwing mushy tomatoes at each other during the Tomatina festival was weird, welcome to the new world of bizarre! A small and remote village in Serbia named Lipovica, near Belgrade, celebrates what is called the ‘World Testicle Cooking Competition’.

Amid all the hullabaloo, enthusiastic participants gather in the village to take the trophy home. The competition involves cooking testicles of various animals (yes, you heard that right)! All methods of cooking are allowed and it doesn’t matter how you rustle it up — roast, fry, boil, grill, saute, steam, stew or even, bake it! From bulls to kangaroos, boars to ostriches and camels — a plethora of mammals are on the list of the Serbian crowd. The reproductive organs are cooked in quite unusual ways and later, sold in stalls.

The festival has its own unique dress code too, where the contestants wear T-shirts that boast of the ‘World Testicle Cooking Competition’ with a caricature of a chef churning a dish in the pot, printed at the back. Not just that, there’s also a menu which totally lives up to the theme — with dishes like testicle pizza and testicles in bechamel sauce flavoured with a variety of herbs. The stalls also sell a side dish of ‘roasted lamb or roasted pig’.

The participants and the onlookers relish the delicacies with much gusto and drink a lot of wine and beer to wash it down. Promising a gala time, the festival brings a lot of fun, food and balls (pun intended) to the plate!

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Well, that’s not all. The participants also give out tongue-in-cheek trophies to the “person with the biggest balls” for their acts of courage. Former US President Barack Obama has also been the recipient of the ‘ballsy’ trophy in 2010.