World Chocolate Day: 7 chocolate experiences every cocoa lover should try

From visiting the best chocolate museums in the world to indulging in a chocolate massage, these experiences should be tried by every chocolate lovers at least once in their lifetime.

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 7, 2017 4:46:24 pm
chocolate day, world chocolate day, chocolate experience, chocolate festival, things chocolate lovers should do, chocolate museums, lifestyle news Celebrate World Chocolate Day with these special experiences. (Source: Thinkstock images)

Though we really do not need a special day to celebrate our love for chocolates, but then since we have one why not enjoy it to our fullest and indulge in the best chocolatey experiences – all guilt free. In case you were wondering, World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7 every year to honour our favourite and trusted ‘rescuer’. One cannot deny the mood uplifting qualities of chocolate that has saved us on countless occasions. And it doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult — chocolate loves you back and certainly, age is no bar.

There are health benefits to eating chocolates as well, so at least on this special day, go ahead and indulge yourself a bit. Here are seven experience every chocoholic should try in their life, at least once!

Germany has the world’s largest chocolate museum and one shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit it.
(Source: schokoladenmuseumofficial/ Instagram, Cadbury World/ Twitter)

1. Visit a chocolate museum

In India, we have a tendency of calling something by the name of the company that is responsible for it. For instance, saying Xerox if we mean photocopies or Cadbury when we say chocolate. So, wouldn’t it be exciting to visit the Cadbury museum? Yes, you can visit Cadbury World in England and know the story of the Cadbury family and their chocolate business. From the first Easter egg to the construction of the Bournville garden village for factory workers, it’s insightful and yummy. And the best part — you’ll get plenty of free samples to munch on!

And if you just love museum tours (chocolate ones, in this case) here are a few others you should see. Cologne Chocolate Museum, in Germany that is the largest chocolate museum in the world; Choco-Story Chocolate Museum in Prague that also gives you an insight into the history of the cultivation of the cocoa bean and how chocolate making prospered in Europe. There are chocolate museums in several other places like Switzerland, Cuba, Spain and even South Korea and each has its unique history and offering.

If in Barcelona, visit The Chocoland and learn the tricks of the trade from chocolate expert Peter. (Source: Airbnb)

2. A visit to chocolate factory

Ever wondered what exactly goes inside a chocolate factory? Wouldn’t it be lovely to witness the magic, to see and learn how cocoa is transformed into sweet chocolate? There are many chocolate factories around the world that allow you to not only see it but also try a hand in making chocolate. If you find yourself in Ireland, do not miss an opportunity of visiting the Butlers, the country’s famous luxury chocolatier. One needs to just book a tour online prior to the visit and spend an entire day enjoying chocolate demonstration, taking in the amazing aroma and even decorating their own dessert!

And if in Barcelona, you can also try out the Chocoland experience, hosted by a chocolate expert, who also conducts a special workshop, where you can learn the art of chocolate making. Don’t worry if you get messy, it’s chocolate after all! You can book this experience through Airbnb.

Explore the world’s best pastry shops and chocolate shops in Left Bank in Paris with the local expert. (Source: Airbnb)

3. Go on a chocolate trail in Paris

Visiting France, particularly Paris is almost on everyone’s bucket list. From experiencing the rich heritage of Gothic architecture to witnessing the picturesque landscape from Eiffel Tower, or snacking on butter French cuisine. There are also some amazing chocolate and pastry experience in this ancient city that one shouldn’t miss. Airbnb offers an extraordinary chocolate and pastry tasting tour in the charming Left Bank, savouring the creations of the world’s top five chocolatiers and patissiers. Conducted by a local chocolate expert, who could even sample and taste different types of chocolates in this tour.

Nutella opened its first permanent cafe in the USA. (Source: c_ro_mine, juliajoneshuyck/ Instagram)

4. A visit to the Nutella Cafe

Nutella opened its first permanent cafe in Chicago in May this year and people around the world just went berserk. Owned and operated by Ferrero, this one-of-a-kind Nutella Cafe is a dream come true for all Nutella lovers. From crêpes to fruit salads to waffles to pancakes, the sumptuous menu has everyone drooling. And if the USA seems too far, plan a visit to idyllic Naples, which surely can be regarded as the ‘Nutella capital’ of the world!

Salon du Chocolate Festival hosts fashion shows where outfits are specially designed using chocolates! (Source: Salonchocolat/ Twitter)

5. Attend a chocolate festival

If you swear by chocolate and claim to be a choco buff you must attend the Salon du Chocolate Festival in Paris that has its spin-offs in New York and Shanghai too. Chocoholics can mingle with chocolate experts over chocolate sculptures, macaroons and what not. You can experience and taste from renowned chocolate makers from around the world and only thing that would seriously affect you is chocolate overdose! So to get the best of everything chocolatey under one roof, rather a ground, you have to visit this!  This year it will be happening between October 28 and November 1 at Porte de Versailles.

Chocolate has great benefits on your skin. Moving beyond facials, spas around the world have started introducing chocolate body massages. (Source: chocolatespa/ Instagram)

6. Pamper yourself with a chocolate massage

Eating melted chocolate or hot chocolate is one thing and it can be sometimes a little messy, but to splatter chocolate on your body — it’s sinful, right? Well not really because, your skin can benefit from chocolate. It helps in hydrating your skin, supply essential nourishment to skin and even work as a good scrub. Spas and hotels around the world are offering choco-filled experience and no cocoa lover should miss it.

One can try out the Cacao Facial and body detox message at Hotel Chocolat, Saint Lucia that sits on the chocolate plantation, where cocoa beans are harvested. Or if in New York, book an appointment at Body by Brooklyn and get a rich three-step chocolate massage to replenish you. And if you love Hershey’s, then visit Pennsylvania and book a chocolate treatment at the Spa at Hotel Hershey — where you can opt between Chocolate Immersion or Chocolate Fondue Wrap!

fitness, fitness and cheat days, hard work and fitness, health and fitness, overeating, Indian express, Indian express news The term ‘cheat day’ can create a negative assumption as it tricks people into thinking that it’s something bad and that it’s not to be done regularly. (Source: File photo)

7. Participate in chocolate eating competition

In Melbourne, Australia people enter into the crazy chocolate eating competition and you can just go on eating chocolate, but in a limited amount of time! The Wicked Chocolate Festival lets you have different varieties of chocolate in one sitting and in a specified time. The winner gets more chocolate and gifts!

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