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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Have you heard of wine condoms? They’re the latest rage in the market (and they come with a twist)

Safe sipping, everyone!

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 25, 2016 5:36:42 pm
condoms, wine condoms, wine, bizarre condoms, bizarre food trends, food and wine, wine, how to protect wine from spilling, indian express, indian express news Fancy some wine condoms, anyone? (Source: The LAD Bible/YouTube)

Time and again, public service advertisements have reminded us how important it is to use condoms to ensure safe sex. And in absolute tandem with these PSAs, companies have manufactured condoms ranging from the usual vanilla and chocolate flavours to there being alarming rumours of even out-of-the-box brinjal-flavoured ones.

Adding to the list, we now have wine condoms. You heard us! Now some wine and a romantic candlelight dinner is just what sets the mood for most people. We can only imagine what the prospects of wine condoms could be.

But before your imagination starts running wild, you should know something about this particular condom. First thing, you cannot wear it. Second, you can ONLY use it to preserve wines.

Yes guys, as bad as it sounds for your ‘late-night’ plans, these condoms will preserve the wine for your romantic dinner date, no matter what. Isn’t that great!

Made of rubber, they create a water-tight seal and ensure that opened bottles of wine do not get spoilt overnight. It claims to be the safest way to store unfinished bottles. This amazing life-hack comes in a packet of six and truth be told, looks nothing less than actual condom packs. What more, they are reusable too.

Wondering how to safeguard your opened wine bottle from spilling? (Source: Wine Condom/Facebook) Wondering how to safeguard your opened wine bottle from spilling? (Source: Wine Condom/Facebook)

A YouTube video explains exactly why these are your wine bottle’s best friends.

Watch the video here.

Are you still disappointed that it’s not what you thought it was?

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