Would you like to smell like KFC crispy fried chicken?

KFC gave out a limited edition sunscreen that would make you smell like crispy fried chicken. Now, that's a whole new twist to fried to a crisp under the sun.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 24, 2016 3:35:27 pm
KFC offers today, KFC chicken offers today, KFC chicken outlets, KFC sunscreens, creative food, ways to use food creatively, KFC mobile cases, KFC nail paint edible KFC gave away of 3,000 crispy fried chicken-scented sunscreens recently, which flew off the shelves in no time. (Source: KFC’s extra crispy sunscreen/YouTube)

Look at the weather. Yes, we agree it rains generously, but when it doesn’t, it’s scorching hot. Do you want to turn crispy golden brown, just like your favourite bucket of chicken? Of course, not. Enter the various branded sunscreen lotions with lots of SPF to protect our skin from the harsh sun. Joining the bandwagon is KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen with SPF 30. You heard us right. The popular fast food outlet recently announced about its latest experiment – this time in the skincare and health segment. However, as the company’s website repeatedly warned, you cannot eat the sun-screen, which sure smells delicious, but that will definitely not carry over to your taste buds.

What’s more, this range of KFC sunscreen products were free and for a limited period. But boy, did they fly off the shelves! The giveaway was for a bare 3,000 products, which were booked in mere 24 hours of time on August 22 in the US. This promotional product was to complement the fast-food joint’s latest TV ad campaign featuring actor George Hamilton, knwon for his deep, continuous suntan, as the Extra-Crispy Colonel.

But then, this is not the first time KFC has indulged in such a quirky activity. In May 2016, the international fast food chain had rolled out two edible nail polish in the flavours Original and Hot and Spicy. The idea was to entice people to come and try out these flavourful nail varnishes. Apparently, KFC intends to take a vote on the favourite flavour and push that into mass production.

And if you thought that’s the most creative the company could get, it has also given us an edible corsage — yes guys, one for the time when you are hungry but want to continue dancing. Brace yourselves, there’s more. There’s a fried chicken mobile case, for those who want to be constantly reminded of their true love — chicken.

Watch a video of the KFC crispy chicken here.


And you thought KFC was just about boring (albeit delicious) classic fried chicken.

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