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Add tricolour to your millets with bathua and raw turmeric crackers

Here is an irresistible snack that is healthy, too!

bathua recipe, hummus recipe, crackers recipe, millets, shalini rajani crazy kadchi, republic day recipesHere is a healthy evening snack! (Photo: Shalini Rajani)

When my students begin their millet journey with me, I see them improvising with traditional recipes, too. As a coach, I put my heart and soul into making their expedition smoother, which is why the one-on-one sessions and regular follow-ups are integral to my online millet workshops. The next batch of six-week millets journey is starting from January 30. For today’s recipe, I will share how I decided to bring the tri-colour as I was gearing up for something special ahead of Republic Day.

It is the season of bathua (arrow-shaped leaves also called Chenopodium or pigweed) and raw turmeric. And when I had a whole lot of sourdough discard to be put to good use, I decided to club it with a positive grain, barnyard millet flour that I made at home last week. The crackers came naturally and are 100 per cent vegan and zero-oil. Some seasonings and authentic hummus made them all the more inviting. There are infinite ways to bring millets into your everyday menu, and you can check my Instagram for the many recipe videos I have been uploading.

But before that, read more for the step-by-step recipe of these tri-colour crackers. Refer to the recipe video attached.

Barnyard millet crackers with sourdough discard

Enjoy the creamy hummus and the crackling sound of crackers with this yummy meal. (Photo: Shalini Rajani)

Ingredients: (serves 2-3)


*Preheat your oven at 190-degree Celsius and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.


*In one bowl, combine bathua puree with 1 tbsp sourdough starter discard, 2 tbsp barnyard millet flour, 1 tsp seasonings, and salt. Mix until well combined.

*In another bowl, combine grated raw turmeric with 1 tbsp sourdough starter discard, 2 tbsp barnyard millet flour, 1 tsp seasonings, and salt. Mix until well combined.

*Take one mixture, spread this mixture onto the parchment paper. Make sure the parchment paper is greased.


*Bake for 10-15 minutes until the mixture attains a firm shape.

*Remove the baking tray from oven and score (make cuts) the crackers.

*Bake for an additional 25-30 minutes with continuous flipping and manually keeping an eye on your oven until the crackers are well baked and firm in shape.

*Cool them completely and store it in an airtight jar.

*These crackers stay good for 8-10 days.

*Serve them with classic hummus.

Easy classic hummus



  1. In a pan, dry-roast all seeds and transfer them to a blender. Add olive oil, salt, red chili powder, lemon juice and turmeric. Blend it all in a nice paste.
  2. Now add boiled chickpeas and blend them again. Add boiled and cooled water if required. Keep the consistency thick.
  3. Before serving, top-up the hummus with a slight drizzle of olive oil and red chili powder.
  4. Enjoy with millet crackers and pieces of bread.

(Shalini Rajani is the founder of Crazy Kadchi and holds innovative Millets Online Cooking Workshops for all age groups)

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First published on: 24-01-2021 at 02:10:36 pm
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