This Easter, make a no-bake, no-egg, no-fuss Chocolate Crunch Cake

This Easter, make a no-bake, no-egg, no-fuss Chocolate Crunch Cake

Chocolate, prunes, marshmallows, shortbread; what’s not to love?

No-Bake Chocolate Crunch Cake with marshmallows, prunes and shortbread.
No-Bake Chocolate Crunch Cake with marshmallows, prunes and shortbread.

I recently made this simple, delicious, chocolate-y, ‘No bake’ ‘Egg-Free’ Chocolate Cake with marshmallows, prunes and shortbread. It was moreish and relished by all. Also known as the ‘Chocolate Biscuit Cake’, ‘Chocolate Fridge Cake’ or ‘Chocolate Crunch Cake’, this one was a bit of an unknown cake right until Prince William announced that it was one of his fave desserts back in 2011.

Britain’s Royal family has its very own recipe for this cake. All we know of the recipe is that it uses McVities Rich Tea Biscuits as one of the ingredients. The rest of the recipe, sadly, is a closely guarded secret.

Since it hit the big time, courtesy Prince William’s announcement, many people have tried to come up with their own recipes for this cake. The recipe I created below is a combination of a Good Housekeeping recipe and Peggy Porshen’s ‘Boutique Baking’ version. It uses mini marshmallows, chopped prunes, melt-in-the mouth chocolate and shortbread.

You could substitute the marshmallows and prunes with dried fruit and nuts of your choice. The Rich Tea Biscuits can be substituted with shortbread or Marie Biscuits.


I simply broke the biscuits into 1/4 inch pieces, mixed them up with chopped prunes and mini marshmallows, then incorporated these treats into melted chocolate, poured into a tin and let it sit for a few hours. Then, I chopped them into bars and stored in the fridge.

* Makes around 30 small squares in an 8-inch square baking tin. Double the quanity of all the ingredients to make 60 pieces

300g – Chocolate (minimum of 53% cocoa solids; the ratio of plain and milk chocolate should be 1:1 g)
100g – Unsalted butter
3 tbsp- Golden syrup
45g – Mini marshmallows
120g – Ready-to-eat prunes, chopped
200g – Short bread/Rich Tea/Marie biscuits, roughly crushed
Mini chocolate Easter eggs, to decorate

* Line a 8-inch square tin with two layers of cling film, leaving excess hanging over the sides.

* Break up the biscuits into roughly 1/4 inch pieces.

* Chop large prunes into 3 pieces each, or halves if smaller. Put into a bowl with the mini marshmallows. If you don’t have mini marshmallows, chop up your marshmallows into 2 pieces.

*Put the chopped chocolate and butter into a large, microwave-safe bowl and heat for 30-sec bursts until they are melted and smooth. Stir in the golden syrup.

*Add the marshmallows, prunes and biscuits to the chocolate mixture and carefully mix.

*Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin, scatter over the mini eggs and freeze for 2 hours, or chill in the fridge until set (about 4-5 hours).

*Remove from the fridge 20 min before cutting. Cut into small squares. Serve.