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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

The Ass Kicker coffee is 80 times stronger than a standard espresso, and comes with a warning

A café in Adelaide, Australia, is serving up the strongest coffee ever and we warn, it lives up to its name - the Ass Kicker!

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | September 7, 2016 11:59:01 am
world's strongest coffee, strongest coffee ever, Ass Kicker strongest coffee, Ass Kicker coffee facebook, Ass Kicker Viscous cafe coffee, Ass Kicker coffee australia, ass Kicker Coffee adelaide, indian express, indian express news Nearly lethal! A café has recently began to serve coffee with 80 times more caffeine than a regular espresso. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

If the coffee addict in you thinks your coffee wasn’t strong enough, head to Australia. Wondering why? A café in Adelaide, Australia, claims to serve the strongest coffee ever and we warn, it seems almost fatal.

Aptly named the Ass Kicker, the coffee made in Viscous café contains caffeine that is equal to 80 standard cups of standard strong coffee! According to Mashable, the first time the beverage was made for a nurse in an emergency department who needed to stay awake. Consumed over a period of two days, the drink managed to keep the nurse awake for three days in total.

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Thus, foreseeing fatal repercussions of consuming the Ass Kicker, Viscous Café owner Steve Benington told South Australian newspaper The Advertiser that he has “toned it down a little” for general sale, but the drink it still comes with a warning that it is not for the faint-hearted.

The Ass Kicker iced coffee, contains 5g of caffeine and is created using four shots of espresso, eight frozen cubes of ‘cold drip’ coffee – which each containing the caffeine equivalent of more than two shots of espresso – and some 10-day brewed liquid cold-drip coffee.

However, the fully charged beverage has half the lethal dose of caffeine.

(Source: Viscous cafe) (Source: Viscous cafe)

According to reports, while some observed that the beverage lives up to its name of being the strongest coffee ever, some say it could also pose a serious risk to health, if consumed too quickly or by those with high blood pressure.

For a healthy adult, a fatal dose of caffeine is considered to be roughly 18g, consumed over a 1-2-hour period. A large Ass Kicker is recommended to be consumed over a 3-4-hour period.

The coffee comes in standard glass sizes — small for $10 (recommended to be consumed within 1-2 hours to remain awake for 6-9 nine hours, medium for $13 (recommended to be consumed within 2-3 hours to remain awake for 9-12 hours and large for $16 (recommended to be consumed for 3-4 hours consumption to remain awake for 12-18 hours). “But I offer custom caffeine levels tailored to personal requirements,” Benington said.

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