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Taapsee Pannu’s nutritionist reveals her ‘most favourite meal’; shares recipe

"Unfortunately, it has long been dismissed as junk and it's time, we change the narrative around health. Better late than never!" said nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal

taapsee pannu filmsTaapsee Pannu started her career in South Indian films. (Photo: Instagram/Taapsee Pannu)

“You can take a person out of Dilli but you cannot take Dilli out of the person. Want to know what is @taapsee’s most favorite meal to indulge into?” nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal captioned an Instagram post recently.

While we did have some names on our guess list, we were extremely happy to know that the Thappad actor, mush like us, also loves to gorge on chole bhature!

The expert, however, went on to add that “unfortunately, it has long been dismissed as junk and it’s time, we change the narrative around health. Better late than never! Isn’t it?”

“Slow ferment the dough as shown and enjoy this gluten free, Indian sourdough bread like she does😍,” Ganeriwal continued. According to her, the trick is to “slow ferment the dough which renders it gluten-free“.

In her book Yuktahaar: The Belly and Brain Diet, Ganeriwal mentions how a traditionally made bhatura (not the instant kinds) offers many health benefits.

In a 2011 study, researchers showed that when wheat undergoes a slow lacto-fermentation, it is possible to render it technically gluten-free. So, the bhatura that we think of as deep-fried junk has less gluten than even breads labelled ‘gluten-free’ and is sans chemicals and additives that are usually found in commercial breads, she wrote in the book.

“A bhatura with more fibre and reduced sugars is, hence, slow burning, will keep you fuller for longer and help maintain steady blood sugar levels. It is not only safe but good for people who are diabetics and/or are obese,” she said in the book.

The hot and spicy chola bhatura lures many foodies to Delhi’s culinary hub. (Source: Wkimedia Commons)

According to Ganeriwal, bhaturas are deep-fried but not necessarily unhealthy. “It is best to deep-fry them in good old ghee, not refined vegetable oils that are inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory fat in ghee, along with the fibre and protein in chole, can help avoid the blood sugar roller coaster and increase satiation levels,” she added.


How to make bhatura?


¾ cup – Fresh curd
¾ cup – Maida
2.5 cups – Whole wheat flour
½ tbsp – Sugar
1 tsp – Salt


*In a bowl, take fresh curd (ensure it isn’t sour), maida,  gehu (whole wheat) atta and sugar.
*Mix all the ingredients well. You may or may not require water to knead it into a dough.
*Cover the bowl with a cloth or lid and set it aside in a warm place overnight or for 7–8 hours to allow it to naturally ferment.
*Next morning, add one teaspoon salt and one tablespoon ghee to the fermented mixture.
*Add warm water if required.
*Gather the dough into a compact ball. Use a damp cloth to cover it. Again, set it aside in a warm place for two hours.
*Knead the dough again. Shape into 15–20 balls. Roll into bhaturas and deep fry in ghee.
*Serve it hot with chole, pickled ginger, and onions.

Would you like to try these gluten-free Indian sourdough?

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First published on: 23-03-2022 at 14:10 IST
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