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5 simple kitchen hacks that will make your life easier

All of us can do with a little help and some times it is incredibly simple.

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Keeping a glass of water while heating leftover food helps in retaining the moisture. (Source: Pixabay)

The kitchen can be a daunting place for many of us – with too many things happening in too less time! Notwithstanding whether you are a fabulous cook or a novice, most of us have been accused of wasting food, peeling a hard-boiled egg in a terrible fashion or simply making a mess in the kitchen.

All of us can do with a little help and some times it is incredibly simple. There are several kitchen hacks that can make your life simpler, and cooking an absolute delight. We bring you five of them.

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Keeping moisture out of lettuce can be quite a task, and most of us do not own fancy containers. But there is an easy way to keep them fresh for a long time. Check out this simple hack.



Peeling garlic can be pretty messy, and no matter how much you try, a bit of the skin always remain. However there is a simple way to peel garlic, and the best part is that in the end, your finger will not smell.


Most of us roll our fruits to soften them before extracting their juice, and this definitely works. But did you know that putting fruit in a microwave for about 10-30 seconds can soften them and burst tiny juice vessels in the fruit? Watch the video to know how to do it.


Many would agree that peeling a hard-boiled egg perfectly is an art. Most of us make a mess out of it, and destroy the beloved egg in the process. But putting that hard-boiled egg in a glass of water can actually ease your task. If you do not believe us, watch the video.


Remember the time you were trying to heat the leftover food and how it became all soggy? Well, there is actually an easy way by which you can keep your day-old pizza crisp and tasty. Just put a glass of water in the microwave while heating them.

Try it out today and let us know in the comments below if it’s helpful.