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Here’s how to make curd at home without jaman or starter

Try these easy ways, as suggested by home chef Nisha Madhulika, and never run out of curd at home!

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With the temperature rising with each passing day, it is advised to consume foods which help keep the body hydrated and cool. One such item is curd, which can be enjoyed in numerous ways, both sweet and savoury. But have you run out of curd and are in no mood to step out in the sweltering heat? Do not worry, we have you covered with this simple trick which allows you to make curd at home even if you don’t have a tablespoon of curd culture or jaman to set it. Try these easy ways, as suggested by home chef Nisha Madhulika.

What would you need?


1 litre- Boiled milk
2 – Green chillies or red chilly or
1 – Lemon


*Take boiled milk in a vessel and heat until it is lukewarm. Now drop two green or red chilies with the stalk in the milk such that they are immersed. Or squeeze about two teaspoon of lemon juice into it.

You can make curd culture at home with lemon juice. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

*Now cover the milk bowl and keep aside for 10-12 hours in a warm place.

*You have the starter curd ready.

Now how to make curd?

*Take one litre boiled milk and heat until it is lukewarm. Then add about 2 tsp of the starter to it. Transfer the milk in a casserole and keep aside for 7-8 hours

Pro tips

-Always use full cream milk for setting curd.
-Boil the milk and let it simmer for a few minutes.
-Always use chillies with stalk attached as the enzymes in it help set the curd and also give it its inherent sour taste.
-Remember the taste of curd set through these curd cultures is a bit different from the traditional curd culture that is used.
-Place the curd in refrigerator after the curd sets to prevent it from turning sour.

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So are you all set to make curd? 

First published on: 23-06-2020 at 16:40 IST
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