Roman’s Cooking Corner: A baking tutorial by this really funny 2-year-old

Roman’s Cooking Corner: A baking tutorial by this really funny 2-year-old

Roman, a two-year-old kid, took to YouTube to kickstart his own baking tutorial - Roman's Cooking Corner.

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Roman, a two-year-old, runs his own baking tutorial channel. (Source: YouTube/aylajalyn)

As two-year-olds, all most of us did was spill food. But this two-year-old kid took to YouTube to kickstart his own cooking channel. Along with everything that screams adorable, his videos are sure to tickle your bones with his hilarious comments while he cooks up a storm. Or at least tries to.

Of course, he leaves room for improvement.

This newbie chef named Roman, on his pioneering baking show, not only focuses on cooking but also expands his forte to smearing flour moustaches onto his face before rolling out the dough, shoving his tongue right into the cake batter to make sure it tastes ‘perfect’, spreading his batter as he spills and forgets – and still, he manages to whip up a pretty okay looking turquoise sponge cake. Of course, every time he tastes anything he manages to put together, he makes sure he lets his audience know how ‘perfect’ it is – convincingly, of course.

While you are soaked in all the cuteness he exudes, you cannot deny the kid’s impressive manners – as he politely requests for ingredients and remembers to thank without any effort. And at times, when he messes up a little or wants help to go at cracking an egg, he politely asks his mom if she could give him a hand. For a two-year-old, Roman is already a gentleman at heart.

Posting the clip on YouTube, Roman’s mother wrote: “Say hello to a new series called ‘Roman’s Cooking Corner’! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as he did making this cake!! If you have any future recipes you’d like to see Roman make, be sure to comment below!!”

“This kid is going to the big leagues”, a YouTube comment suggested. You have our nod.