Move away from the usual, try this BBQ Jackfruit Burger

Move away from the usual, try this BBQ Jackfruit Burger

Gorging on some juicy chicken burger or even finding them is not a rarity, but have you ever thought of trying a jackfruit burger? Well if the assortment has piqued your curiosity, then we have the recipe for you right here.

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Everyone enjoys a delectable chicken patty burger, but what about a jackfruit burger? (Source: Getty Images)

It will perhaps be a feat to find someone who does not enjoy a juicy chicken or tenderloin burger. A well cooked burger with sides of crispy french fries and cold coleslaw is enough to tempt anyone. But what if we replace the filling with a jackfruit patty? Have you ever wondered how would a barbecue jackfruit burger would taste like?

Don’t scrunch your face and dismiss it right away. Try this recipe by Swaminandan, executive chef, Crowne Plaza, Today, New Delhi Okhla and go on a culinary journey. You might be surprised!

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Serves 2


400g – Green jackfruit
60g – BBQ seasoning
180g – BBQ sauce
50ml – Cooking oil


140g – Shredded cabbage
60g – Shredded carrot
200g – Avocado
20ml – Lime juice
20g – Salt
15g – Black pepper



2 – Burger bun
20g – Roasted crushed cashew nut
30g – Butter
10g – Fresh coriander


* Take 400g of green jackfruit. Wash and drain it well.

* Mix barbeque seasoning in a small bowl. Add the seasoning to the jackfruit and toss to coat.

* Heat a skillet/frying pan over medium heat. Once hot, put some oil.

* Once the oil is heated, cook seasoned jackfruit till it gets light brown in colour.

* Add BBQ sauce to the jackfruit followed by water.

* Stir and reduce heat to low-medium and cover the skillet with the lid to cook the jackfruit till it becomes tender.

* For the cabbage slaw, toss shredded cabbage, shredded carrot, avocado with lime juice, salt and black pepper. Set the slaw aside.

* Slice the burger bun in half and butter them.

* Layer the bun with avocado, cabbage and carrot slaw.

* Top it with BBQ jackfruit, cashew and fresh coriander springs.

* Serve it along with your choice of fries and salad.