Restaurant review: The Project is a new restaurant in Deer Park

Restaurant review: The Project is a new restaurant in Deer Park

The Project is a new restaurant in Deer Park. If Captain Planet ever decided to run a restaurant, this would be it.

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Pizzas with attitude at The Project.

Ah Hauz Khas Village, where the cacophony of music clashes with the clacking of high heels and the insidious beats of EDM. Tucked away from the hipster chaos is The Project, literally planted in the middle of Deer Park — one side of the restaurant overlooks the eponymous deer enclosure, where Bambi and family regard you with less curiosity that you do them. Nestled among trees and shrubs, yet offering seating to almost 200 patrons, The Project is perhaps the most organic restaurant we’ve ever had the privilege of visiting.

The menu is languorous without becoming too lengthy, a model followed by the alcohol menu. We begin with the basics, Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms and “Hand-Spun” Chicken Wings clad in a Cajun Spiced dressing. The mushrooms, apart from their anti-vampire quality are overstuffed with Grana Padano and Gorgonzola. The grainy padano, the melting blue cheese, the tender mushrooms and the zing of the garlic together create a play worthy of Ibsen.

The wings are awesome, in the sense that they do not resemble a wonder of nature, but rather they’re just that good. Accompanied by a finger-licking coleslaw and a batch of extremely talented wedges, this dish is like A Barnum Brothers circus, a wholly-engaging spectacle.

For our mains, we pass time with pizza and the Clay Pot Roasted Chicken, clearly a derivative of the tenacious Tagine. With the pizza, we reaffirm our masculinity — or possibly the item girl that lies recumbent in us all — ordering the Hot & Spicy Macho, a thin crust pizza comprising an ensemble of sausage, bacon, chillies, peppers and onions. You can interpret how this would taste according to your own palate, dear reader.


The clay pot chicken is like Conan the Barbarian, in that it is visceral with a bite, as gratuitous as that sounds. Tempered with pomegranate and middle-eastern spices, the solely leg pieces still deliver a kick to the palate worthy of a Kung Fu film.

Dessert comprises a dipsomaniac Amarreto Cheesecake, soaked in Grand Marnier and coated with a mixed berry coulis. Each bite is akin to a moment in life of The Great Gatsby; all-encompassing. Much like our surroundings.

Meal for two: Rs 2500 (including taxes and alcohol)
Address: Inside Deer Park, Near Hauz Khas Village. Contact: 33105575